Which diseases can affect children by birth?

Which diseases can affect children by birth?

Today’s blog has been written through the eyes of a parent. So, do not forget to read till last. Children are the gifts sent from above that fulfill are lives purpose and watching them happy makes the heart pound and content. We don’t think of any mishappening coming in their way and protect them from every evil thing. But are the diseases in your control? Can you control the passing of your faulty gene to them? Can you protect them from the autoimmune diseases? Can you prevent the loss of any organs’ functioning?

Do not get stressed out, everything has its solution in Ayurveda. For example, congenital nephrotic syndrome, polycystic kidney disease, and Fabry disease are the examples of generation to generation passing of diseases. There is no effective cure available in the allopathic treatment but Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases in children by has one. It is nothing like that we are blowing the trumpets on our own but there are thousands of kidney disease survivors have been cured to date. Just in case, you wish to verify the fact, you can always take a look at our YouTube channel.

Coming back to the topic, the preventing children specifically from kidney diseases is a little hard. Not until you seek the guidance of an Ayurvedacharya. Generally, prenatal tests help in the determination of kidney disease in congenital cases but even if they get skipped during that time, they can be diagnosed at their early stages of life. It is nothing like that you are at fault for the developing kidney disease in your children but you should be careful if you are aware of the fact that you have had a family history of kidney diseases or there might be complications in pregnancy affecting the fetus. Moving on, let us begin with the examples of kidney disease in children followed by the recommendation of the best Ayurvedic kidney treatment naturally in Delhi:

Fabry disease: It is a type of disease that is passed with an X chromosome. The chromosomes that are the gender deciders affects the health of children. This chromosome is fixed in women while the men tend to transfer X or Y chromosome. This is not a gender-biased disease but is common in boys than girls.

Cystinosis: Cystinosis is a rare genetic disorder that develops fluid-filled sacs in and on the human body. These cysts are non-cancerous but deprive the renal functioning.

Polycystic kidney disease: PKD is a kidney disease that is inherited by the biological parents and has fluid-filled pouches on the surface of kidneys. These cysts are cancerous and dangerous. If the cysts bursts then the effecting organs would be the liver, spleen, intestine, pancreas, and entire urinary system.

Nephrotic syndrome: It is a combination of various symptoms that becomes a disorder leading to the loss of protein in the urine.

Horseshoe kidney: It is the physical condition of kidneys when kidneys form a U shape by joining their ends together. In other terms, this condition is known as renal fusion. This change can happen even in the womb of the biological mother. In this situation, the proteins and minerals present in the kidneys start to form in solid forms and commonly known as kidney stones.

Alport syndrome: A disease damaging the tiny blood vessels (Glomerulus) of kidneys is known as Alport syndrome. This is a type of syndrome that can damage the functioning of kidneys and can lead to complete kidney failure.

Alagille syndrome: Alagille syndrome is an inherited genetic disorder by children from their biological parents. It is a rare disease found mostly in infants and young children.

Hydronephrosis: This is one of the types of kidney diseases that can be identified even before the birth of a child. This condition arises because of the increased size of the kidneys that may have happened because of the urine retention in the kidneys, medically it is known as Vesicoureteral Reflux or VUR.

Nephroblastoma: This is a type of cancer that is very rare but can attack children and adults both.

Other than these diseases, another disorder that parents transfer to their kids is the problem of high blood pressure and diabetes that sooner or later affect the functioning of kidneys in children. As discussed earlier, all these problems can have a solution through the Ayurvedic treatment of kidney diseases in children. Kidney regulates the filtration and elimination of toxins in both adults and children. Kidney problems that occur in children between the ages of 0 to 18 are termed as pediatric kidney disease. The boys are likely to get affected more than girls with such pediatric reasons.

The best Ayurvedic kidney treatment in India is served by the 80 years old Ayurvedic institute Karma Ayurveda Hospital. There, they are proving a blend of conservative and modern approach. In other words, they are providing a completely personalized treatment including the virtual yoga sessions, lip-smacking diet chart, and lifestyle alterations that are easily accessible for children of any age.


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