How To Safely Pack Your Delicate Items?

How To Safely Pack Your Delicate Items?

When you have to shift lot of goods, you’re right to be worried about its integrity during the move. So in this case take proper time for your packing because it saves from damage. No one can assume how those goods are going to be shifted. So, protect your delicate items in every way possible.

Some of the packing materials that you will need for packing fragile items:

Permanent marker


Packing tape

Bubble wrap, newspaper, or old t-shirts

Pliable cardboard

Durable boxes (Small or medium)

Being one of the best Packers in Delhi NCR we are sharing some tips with you who will be helpful:



Pack each plate in a bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape. For plates made of bone china or fine china, place a layer of cushioning between the plates. The layer of cushioning can be pliable cardboard or cushion foam. And do not forget to pack the plates vertically because this reduces the surface area, therefore reducing the risk of breakage during the move. The empty spaces in the box can be filled with old newspaper or an old t-shirt. But make sure you do not over pack the box which would lead to a dish-aster. Tape the boxes close and label them as ‘Fragile: Handle with Caution’.


Wrap individual glasses with newspaper and tuck it inside the glass and secure it with packing tape. This seems small. So, it is good to use a double-walled box for packing which is either small or medium. Don't use large boxes. You can layer the boxes with more than one type of glassware but make sure that you place the sturdiest glassware at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Add a layer of pliable cardboard or foam between the layers of glassware.


Mirrors or sheet glass:

During shifting, if the mirrors are not provided enough shock absorption, they shatter. Tape the mirror from edge to edge, diagonally, so that it forms a center in the shape of a star on the mirror. This arrangement absorbs vibrations and protects the glass. Use foam protectors to secure the corners of the sheet glass or mirror. If you are shifting multiple sizes of glass be sure to segregate them into their sizes and place them separately. Placing a huge glass next to the small ones will cause damage for sure. When you are shifting stacked sheet glasses make sure you add a layer of newspaper, bubble wrap or foam sheets in between them. If you are transporting a valuable piece of glass or mirror, it is best to crate them. In crating, wooden pallets and foam are used to form a box that provides enough cushioning to protect your valuable item.


Vases and fine ceramics

Always use smaller boxes for packing vases or any other fragile items. Wrap the vase with newspaper and stuff the bottlenecked portion with paper to reduce friction while moving. Secure the wrapping with tape and use crumpled newspaper or old t-shirt to fill up the empty space in the box. Smaller pieces of glass can be packed together with pliable cardboard separating one from another. If you are packing a large vase, use a double-walled box with crumpled newspaper or old towel filling up the spaces.

Now that you know how to pack these fragile items, it is time to get connected with packers and movers.

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