How to make a first date perfect & memorable?

First dates always bring mixed feelings of both nervousness and excitement. 

First dates in the modern era of dating set the base for whether you will be interested in meeting the person for the second time. As the popular catchphrase says – ‘First impression is the last impression’, both the genders pull out all the stops to make it memorable and perfect.

In this blog, we have come up with a few tips that could help in making your first date memorable and perfect. 

• Stay Relaxed and Positive
we completely understand that people get nervous on dates. Sometimes, first dates turn out to be nightmares for a majority of people. Not to be the part of that category. Looking confused or under confident can ruin your chances of having a perfect date and reflect a bad impression. You must stay relaxed and fill yourself with positivity before arriving on a date.

• Make your ‘Hello’ worthy
It doesn’t matter how much you guys have texted each other on phone or have been on calls, the first real-date moment is poles apart from virtual talking. You must stay calm and greet your date with a friendly hello. Seeing you calm and cool will automatically reflect the same in your date. Once you both are comfortable with each other, it’s easy to carry on the conversation.

• Let the conversation going
for many, first dates seem as job interviews (pop-up of questions in a loop) as both the sexes would go the extra mile to gain maximum information from each other including job, interests and ambitions. A lot of times this Q/A round appears off the hook. Instead of this, try talking about one thing and slowly building a conversation. Talking about their interests is always a good idea and it helps in building a conversation for the long-term.

• If the second date is in your mind, tell them
If your first date is going smooth and you have been attracted to your date like a magnet and want to know more about him/her, you can ask for a second date straight away. This gesture reflects the interest and shows that the person has liked your company and is curious to know more about you.

• Make the move
you don’t have waited for your date to make the move. If you want to kiss your date, the stage is yours, if the other person doesn’t seem receptive that’s completely fine but what if the same thing is going on in their mind too. Wouldn’t be it magical? A goodbye kiss on the first date is always a cherry on the cake.

First dates are always exciting and hold a special place in our hearts. Make your first date perfect and memorable by following these tips.

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