What to know about kidney infections and their management by Ayurvedic treatment?

What to know about kidney infections and their management by Ayurvedic treatment?

Kidney infection is also known as pyelonephritis or renal infection and is a common type of urinary tract infection. Bacteria often infect the bladder or the urethra, and spreads to one of the kidneys. Most commonly, women get affected by kidney infection, and among them, pregnant mothers are more at the risk. Children under the age of 2 years of age may also get affected by the disorder. Kidney infection can affect around 3 to 4 men in every 10,000 and 15 to 17 in every 10,000 women, but it is a serious disorder as it can lead to other serious kidney-related disorders that’s you may need to get kidney infection treatment by Ayurveda.

In this blog, we will explain you the symptoms of a kidney infection and how it gets diagnosed, and the result of the test will assist in the prevention of the disorder.

Which symptoms may occur during kidney infection?

Kidney infection develops quite fast, usually in a day or a few hours. Some of the symptoms of a kidney infection that may occur with the progression of the disorder are:

• Diarrhea
• Nausea
• Uncontrollable shivering
• Vomiting
• Pain in the side
• Back pain
• Pain in the groin

Along with the kidney infection, if you are facing bladder infection, then you may also experience some symptoms like:

• Presence of blood in the urine
• Foamy or cloudy urine
• Experiencing pain or difficulty while urinating and often it is described as a burning or stinging sensation
• Foul smell in urine
• More frequent urination
• Inability to release bladder fully
• Pain in the lower abdomen

Best ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Infection can help you in the prevention of the disorder and help you in living a disease-free life.

What are the causes of kidney infection?

A kidney infection is usually caused by the bacteria that enter the urethra and reproducing in the bladder and triggers the infection. The infection spreads to the kidneys and damages the urinary system. There are several ways the infection affects your kidneys and that are:

• Toilet hygiene – It is one of the crucial parts of kidney infection. The infection can enter via the anus and bacteria occupy the colon and eventually cause kidney infection and if not managed timely, then it can lead to kidney-related disorder.

• Female physiology – Women are exposed to bladder infection more than men. Therefore, women have to take special care of themselves for the prevention of this disorder. They can also choose best kidney infection treatment by Ayurveda. Urinary catheter – It is a urinary catheter tube that is inserted into the bladder through the urethra to drain out from the urine. Having a urinary catheter can increase the risk of having UTI or urinary tract infection. It also includes kidney infection.

• Kidney stones – Individuals with kidney stones are also at a higher risk of developing a kidney infection. Kidney stones are the result of the accumulation of the toxins of the undissolved minerals. If you have kidney stones, then you should work closely with your Ayurvedic doctors to eliminate kidney stones and avoid the re-occurrence of the disorder.

• Enlarged prostate – Males are at a higher risk of developing kidney stones. If you face this health condition and having the symptoms of the disorder, then you should consult from the disorder.

• Sexually active females – If you face irritation during the sexual intercourse, then you maybe are at the greater risk of developing urinary tract and eventually reach the kidney infection.

• Weak immune systems – Some patients have a weak immune system that may have bacterial or fungal infection on the skin. If your immune system is weak, then it attacks your bloodstream and eventually attacks your kidneys. Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Infection works on the rejuvenation of the whole body.

How kidney infection is treated?

Kidney infection can be treated at home or in the hospital, and it also depends upon several factors. Most commonly, the treatment should depend upon the severity of the symptoms and the patient’s general health. Treatment should be based on the complications and the causes of the disorder. In the initial treatment, you should start feeling better after a few days.

Everyone needs to follow the treatment plan and complete the prescribed medicines to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly. Consuming plenty of fluids can prevent you from fever and severe dehydration. Fluid intake recommendations may vary, depending on the type of infection and if you have kidney disease and it may also differ.

For the best Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Infection, you should contact karma ayurveda hospital. They are known for providing better treatment for the kidneys.


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