Want To be a Pro Driver? |Professional driving school in Kelowna

Want To be a Pro Driver? |Professional driving school in Kelowna

Getting a professional driving education is very essential in your life. For this purpose, you should choose a professional driving school in Kelowna that can fulfill your needs and helps you to become a vigilant driver. If you are living in Vernon, Lake Country, and looking for the safe and expert driving school then Budget Driving School is your place.

The basic purpose of making this institute is to set a platform for the public who want to learn driving according to the rules and systems. Budget driving school is the only place where you are supposed to be coached in the set pattern of rules and law. Because we have an aim to enable you and get you and your vehicle on the road safely.

The other vital role of our team is to provide that specific ambiance for our students in which they learn and practice with a concrete basis of knowledge about driving which is very essential for their self-confidence in driving and it will enable them to become a responsible and confident driver.

Why to choose us?

At Budget Driving School we provide not only a student-teacher relationship but also give you support psychologically because we know that every person is unique and has its own individuality. We do understand the need of your brain and how your mind works because driving is not only the game of your physical activeness but it also a game of your brain smartness. Our mastermind mentors will give you sessions to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing and challenging driving environment. We believe in your satisfaction.

Budget driving school is run by Ram, who is a meticulous, professional, and trustworthy driving coach in your area and has 35 years of experience in the driving field. He has adapted his driving as his profession because of his passion and for good feedback on his knowledge.  Before opening his own institute Budget driving school in Kelowna he was serving as an instructor of driving at All Weather Driving School.

Ram feels immense gratification to teach his students in a modern way because he is well-informed and well-cultured about the system and law of the contemporary time period. He knows what to teach, how to teach, and when to teach. He gives his students a friendly environment during driving class so that he or she may ask any query regarding driving very frankly and without any hesitation.

Promotions and Rates

Since this is the only Budget driving school in your area, our top priority is to provide you reasonable driving classes so that our students may learn their driving lessons effortlessly and in a tension-free environment. Your peace of mind is our reward. This particular harmony in our relation will lead us to society. You can always approach us and take your coaching at very low fee rates. We do have some promotions available on our website as well.

Budget driving schools offer you different packages. We provide you a 6 months course of driving classes.

We also provide you some different road test packages: Package A 2 x 90 min lessons and car for road test cost you $390 with GST and Package B 1 x 90 min lesson and car for road test will cost you $275 with GST etc. You have to visit our website to have a thorough knowledge of the cost. Mock test is included and coaching of all important requirements of ICBC like pre-trip and cockpit controls, 360 degrees checks, lane position, and following distance, etc. You can check our website for more info. Kindly click on the link given below.

For more details contact us at 250.870.1217 or you can take information via sending an email to us [email protected]  

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