Quick Tips Regarding Eco Friendly Food Packaging Ideas.

Quick Tips Regarding Eco Friendly Food Packaging Ideas.

As the lands are getting filled by tons of waste of plastic and multiple other stuff every year which are Non-Bio-degradable and non-sustainable. Therefore, industries have started adopting more and more Eco-Friendly products for packaging and different other stuff. Not only industries but also consumers are demanding more Eco-Friendly products and Eco-friendly packaging as consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and understood harm caused by Non-Bio-Degradable products which can destroy Mother Nature.

That’s why it has become much more important to save nature from this harm, and one of the best ways to save the environment from this harm is using Eco-friendly food packing for shipping goods and helps the business to get an Eco-friendly approach.


Why plan an Eco-friendly system for your food packaging?

Food Packaging involves a lot of factors to acknowledge upon first of all the hygiene and cleanliness is very important, also the packaging must be leakproof. Using Eco-Friendly Packaging this all could be achieved as the products are manufactured using natural plants and they are sustainable and also Bio-Degradable which helps to save the environment.


Below are some of the tips and ideas for packaging:

v Usage of raw materials.

-         The usage of raw materials referred to the mass and volume of your product, greater the size or shape of the product more the use of raw material for packaging, so it is important to calculate the raw material required in the packaging in Eco-Friendly packaging the layer of the raw material used decreases gradually. Many software in the market like PackAssistant and Capterra provides you the best solution for the packaging they provide you a 3d model which helps you to minimize the size and shape as well as the raw material used also decreases which indirectly helps the companies to minimize the cost and save the environment.


v Areca Palm Leaf Food Packaging.

-         One of the best and the finest methods in food packaging. Areca Leaf Palm known as palm trees found in Southeast Asia are alimentary i.e. the palm trees are very much nutritious. These trees are not cut down as many industries are not interested as it does not belong to the subfamily of palm-oil. The product is developed from the palm tree leaves and its trunk as it leaves fall 4-5 times per annum and then the leaves of cleaned with water and depending on the quality the products are developed.

-         Products developed from Areca leaf are:

1. Areca Leaf Bowl (Eco-Friendly leaf bowl)

2. Areca Leaf Plate (Eco-friendly leaf plate)

The Areca Palm Leaf products are best for food packaging as they are Hygiene, odorless, leak-proof also they are very strong and can be kept in freezer and Microwave.

-         One of the companies which provide the best and high-quality Areca Palm Leaf Product is Purple Co. established in 2016 in India. Purple Co. creates practical, safe, and innovative food packaging solutions to global retailers and foodservice industries.

v Cornstarch Packaging.

-         Consumers are getting aware of the environmental consequences caused by polythene and other plastic products due to its inability of Bio-degrading and sustainability. Cornstarch Packaging has been cheap and the best technique for food packaging.

Cornstarch packaging is manufactured by corn which are very cheap, sustainable, Bio-degradable, and easy to use. Cornstarch has become a productive way for packaging and has cleaned sweep the polythene material in the market. Cornstarch packaging provides food safety, resistance to food fats and oil, making it a perfect solution to encounter the consequences caused by polythene containers and other polythene products.

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