Did the Mafia Kill President John F. Kennedy?

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Did the Mafia Kill President John F. Kennedy?

John F. Kennedy’s murder was one of the most notorious political episodes of the 20th century and has had repercussions to this day. However, although it is publicly believed that the mafia was involved in the crime, it is possible to assert that a major conspiracy took place.

Understanding Kennedy’s case is necessary to take a look at the political environment at the beginning of the 1960s. The US ideological, political, and economic war against communism was in its prime, and Kennedy had the challenge of putting the hemisphere in order. On this matter, the fight against the Castro communist regime was crucial, but the US treatment of the matter was, at least, unsatisfactory.

The Bay of Pigs fiasco was one of the key events in the establishment of the country’s political and international agenda. A large scale invasion was never an option, considering that the US government wanted to give a different image to the world than that of the USSR. However, poor planning and the lack of coordination and agreement led to a major failure. This cemented the idea for the CIA that Kennedy was not capable of containing communism in the Americas.

The mafia’s interest in their lost values at the island and the CIA’s desire to eliminate Castro and the Cuban Rebels’ discontent with the president were key to the president’s assassination. These elements led to a perfect landscape for the CIA, where they could conspire to kill the president and easily blame someone else.

Most likely the person who killed Kennedy is Lee Harvey Oswald, who was arrested an hour after the shooting. Cold War fears likely chilled the Commission’s desire to place too much emphasis on Oswald’s pro-Castro activities. Exposing his motives could have outraged the public and forced President Johnson to take military action against Cuba. At the same time, however, the Commission also lacked the proper context for evaluating Oswald’s motives because it was denied relevant intelligence information. At that moment, there were two conspiracies: The conspiracy to assassinate the President and, potentially, an even larger and more insidious conspiracy among powerful figures in the government and the media to cover it up.

In conclusion, the factors that led to Kennedy’s murder were related to the complex political scenario of the time more than the intent of a sole criminal organization or one man, leading to the reasoning that the crime committed was a product of a multilateral conspiracy.

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