Some interesting facts about kidney stones and their treatment in Ayurveda

Some interesting facts about kidney stones and their treatment in Ayurveda

Kidney stones are one of the common disorders that may affect more than 3 million people visit doctors every year for the treatment of this health condition. According to some leading doctors, kidney stone occurs due to the hard minerals and salt deposits, which is the form in the kidneys when your urine becomes too concentrated. A kidney stone is also known as the nephrolithiasis as there are some facts about the kidney stone and kidney stone ayurvedic treatment in India are:

• Kidney stones typically cause painful symptoms – In the initial stages, you may notice foul smell and blood in the urine. In most of the cases, the kidney stone patient may face some severe ache, nausea, and other symptoms. In severe cases, you may face some severe pain in the back of the kidneys.

• Most people develop one type of stone – The type of kidney stone usually develops the kidney stone that depends upon your diet, fluid intake, and hereditary disorders and even also caused due to the consumption of certain medicines. The majority of kidney stone patients get calcium oxalate stones. These kinds of stones formed due to the mixture of the calcium in the urine and the compound oxalate that is usually found generally in foods like nuts, chocolate, and some vegetables. Some beets and spinach also include oxalate, and it is produced by your liver too. There are other types of kidney stones are like Struvite stones and uric acid stones that develop in your urinary tract and can create many health-related problems. Kidney stone treatment in Ayurveda is required to manage all the types of kidney stones simply.

• They're extremely common, especially in men – Men’s are at a higher risk of developing a kidney stone. Men are twice as likely as women to develop a kidney stone.

• Kidney stone re-occurs – Sorry to say, if you already have a kidney stone, then you are at the risk of developing a kidney stone again. In that case, there are 30 to 50 percent chances that you may develop kidney stones.

• You can take steps to prevent them – Cutting back from the sodium in your diet can help you in avoiding the kidney stone. Most individuals consume sodium via table salt, packed snacks, or soups or processed foods. Kidney stone patients also need to avoid animal protein as it produces urine containing more acid, which increases the risk of having kidney stones. For the prevention for these kinds of the stone. One should add more fluid in your diet.

• It's a myth that calcium creates some kidney stones – Several facts claim the word calcium is the part of the most common kind of kidney stone. One should not treat the calcium as the enemy. In fact, if you consume too little calcium, then it may affect your health condition. According to the leading kidney care institute, consuming two or three servings to calcium-rich food daily can reduce oxalate absorption.

• A kidney stone usually gets out from the body naturally – Ninety percent of the kidney stones are passed on their own through urine. Getting one type of stone may prove painful, but it can be managed easily by some preventive measures. If these health conditions get managed easily, then you should go for the kidney stone treatment in Ayurveda as it can prevent the re-occurrence of the renal stone.

• The size of the kidney stone may vary – The size of the kidney stone may vary accordingly that may occur, and it must be managed easily by the herbal medicines. Herbal medicines can breakdown large kidney stones into smaller pieces in the kidneys that can easily pass through the urine.

Kidney stone ayurvedic treatment uses herbal medicines and preventative measures that can prove beneficial for your kidneys and manage kidney disease naturally.

Kidney stones should be treated timely, otherwise, it can damage your kidneys. For the precise treatment for any stage and kind of treatment, you should contact Karma Ayurveda Hospital. They can provide the best and safest way to manage this health condition.

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