How Do I Get Google Maps Listing Data Into An Excel Spreadsheet?

How Do I Get Google Maps Listing  Data Into An Excel Spreadsheet?

How Google Maps Listing Is Important For All Types Of Business?

You may have noticed that Google's search result now displays the local map on the left and the local listings are part of the organic search results. If you follow the development of local listings on search engines since 2008, you will find that this local marketing tool is invaluable for any business.

The disappointing issue is that most companies have not taken advantage of this local marketing tool. First of all, a local company is not a small company. We must keep in mind that national chains with a local presence also depend on the local economy for their revenue. Therefore, it makes no difference if you are as big as the target store or as small as the local florist, local listings will benefit any business volume.

Second, the recent change in Google is a clear sign that this is related to both businesses to business (B2) as well as business to consumer (B2C). If you think B2B will not have customer posting reviews, then you are surprised. In addition, a B2B company that requires revenue from local marketing should also benefit from local listings like B2C business.

How Do I Get Google Maps Listing  Data Into An Excel Spreadsheet?

It’s no easy task to export data from Google Maps as there are millions of businesses are listed on Google Maps daily. For example, when you search for anything on Google Maps there will be thousands of the result shown on Google Maps related to your search, You can copy-paste these results and after doing this task for every result you can save this data in any format like CSV, Excel, PDF, or Text files. You can imagine how much time required to do this task completely. You need several hours or weeks to do this task. And there may be another problem for you, Maybe some business results that you have to save have outdated data. But you don’t need to worry. There is a solution to every problem in this world. You can collect relevant, updated, and thousands of business listings data within few minutes by using this Google Map Extractor. To move ahead successfully with direct marketing and telemarketing campaigns, you need a lot of contact details. With the  Google Maps Data Extractor, you can collect thousands of business contacts details from Google Maps within hours or even minutes and save it in Excel, CSV, or Text formats for further use.

Export Thousands of Businesses Data From Google Maps To Excel

Export Thousands of Businesses Data From Google Maps To Excel With Google Map Extractor

Google Maps is the ultimate source of lead data for any business. Nobody has more data than Google Maps. But they will not share this useful data with the rest of us. This is why you need Google Maps Scraper. With web scrapers such as Google Map Extractor, you can simply collect the data you want from Google Maps without knowing any coding. Use this data to compete with your local competitors or to make your telemarketing campaigns more effective with these contact details, or make a huge list of business contact details from Google Maps to sell to others, or just collect them to generate leads.

Google Maps Crawler is a fully automatic scraping solution. It provides the ability to extract data simply by entering a keyword and website and pressing a single button. The Web Extractor will then open your web browser, go to Google Maps, enter your keywords and then the information will be scrapped. It will automatically click on each business listing and continue its search pages. At the bottom of the program, you'll be able to see where business data is automatically populated into a table. This same information is automatically saved to CSV, XLSX, and TXT as it continues to scrape. With this solution, no data will be lost during scraping.

Google Maps Contact Extractor is a very fast program that supports multi-threaded page loading. Google Data Data Grabber collects business details easily using the Google Maps database. You can get the following details from google maps using Google Maps Lead Extractor

  • The Company's name
  • Company class
  • Ratings and reviews
  • work address
  • Phone / mobile / fax
  • Town
  • Postal Code / Zip Code
  • country
  • Location (if applicable)
  • Coordinates (longitude, latitude)
  • Business hours (if any)
  • Email (if available on google map)
  • Facebook / Twitter / Instagram URL (if applicable)

Don't buy an old lead database ... build yourself, use this business contact extractor program !!!

Build an Up-to-date And Active list of Emails, Phone Numbers
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