Do It Yourself Refrigerator Repair Tips

Do It Yourself Refrigerator Repair Tips

Repairing a broken or malfunctioning refrigerator does not always have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, most of the time, homeowners are more than capable of fixing the problem on their own. In order to save money and save the appliance repairman the trip, here are some common problems with reliable do-it-yourself refrigerator repair tips for solving them.

The Fridge is Cycling Too Often


The fans in any refrigerator should come on often as the unit goes through the process of cooling and defrosting the contents of the fridge. This should be a common process, but there should be periods of regular rest between cycles. If the fridge is constantly running, there may be a problem with the condenser coils.  The condenser coils are located underneath the fridge, and they help regulate the temperature of the fridge. They also release heat and can attract both dust and pet hair. Simply vacuuming out the area under the fridge and clearing any buildup around the coils should solve this problem.

Icemaker Fails to Make Ice


Frequently, when the icemaker in the freezer is failing to make ice, it is because water is failing to fill the ice tray. There may be a blockage in the water inlet tube. Once the fridge is safely unplugged, homeowners can easily remove the icemaker and take care of any blockages. Often this only requires melting any ice that may have built up in the tube. If there is no blockage of ice in the inlet tube, there may be a blockage in the saddle valve, which connects the fridge to the house’s water supply. Following the icemaker’s inlet tube back to the house’s pipes can reveal a simple turn valve. Simply open and close the valve to shake lose any debris or deposits that may have built up in the pipe.

Refrigerator is Making Too Much Noise


The fridge’s hum should be fairly unnoticeable. If the noise of the fridge becomes suddenly louder or begins making unexpected noises, there may be a problem with one of the many fans. Check to see if the fans in the freezer and near the condenser are clear. If these fans are rubbing against something, they may be the most likely source of the noise. Of course, loud noises may be signs of larger problems. A squeak or chirping sound may be a sign that the evaporator fan motor needs to be replaced. A consistent rattle when the fridge is cycling may be an indicator that the compressor is wearing out and needs to be replaced. Both of these replacements should be done by a licensed technician.

Water in the Bottom of the Fridge

Another common problem is pooling water in the bottom of the fridge. This is often the result of a blocked drain tube. To clear the blockage up, homeowners should first unplug the fridge and find the drain tube at the bottom and back of the fridge. It may be behind a crisper compartment, so those drawers should be removed. Then, using a combination of warm water and either bleach or baking soda, homeowners should wash the inside of the tube. A turkey baster can help force the water through to push away any debris or ice. Finally, the drain pan underneath the fridge should be emptied and replaced before restarting the fridge.

If any of these steps fail to solve the problems with the fridge or if they feel intimidating to attempt alone, homeowners might be better served by calling in a repairman or replacing the fridge altogether. With so many working parts, several things can go wrong with the fridge, and while it’s admirable to attempt do-it-yourself repair, sometimes, only an expert can solve the problem.


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