Ayurvedic cure for Acute Kidney Failure

Ayurvedic cure for Acute Kidney Failure

Can you imagine yourself if your heart stops working all of a sudden? You would probably die, right? Similarly, there are few causes that land you to the conditions of kidney disease and kidney failure. These can be the side effects of medications taken for a disease or at times the disease itself can damage tissues, cells, and Nephrons of the kidneys. Popular methods for such conditions are Dialysis and Kidney transplant. But these are the temporary solutions that will give you instant relief but will not be long-lasting. These are the two different methods of modern treatment or Allopathic treatment. Only an authentic medicament that can revitalize the functioning of human anatomy the way it has been designed is Best Ayurvedic Acute Kidney Failure Treatment. The condition of Acute kidney failure can be treated after examining the causes, symptoms, and progression of AKF. Read on to determine all that in this piece of content:

What are the symptoms of Acute Kidney Diseases?

• Decreased or Increased output of urine: A frequent need to urinate or nothing at all
• Swelling caused by fluid retention: Fluid retention can cause painful swelling around the belly area and feet
• Alzheimer: To live in confusion all the time
• Tiredness & restlessness: A motion where nothing has been done but is tired all the time
• Loss of appetite: Not willing to eat at all
• Feebly beating of a heartbeat: Unstable pace of pulse or fast beating of the heart
• Unbearable chest pain: Pain in the chest because of obstructed blood flow. It is felt like someone is stabbing
• Nausea & vomiting: At times, it is confused with food poisoning, but it can be a stressful situation like Acute Kidney Disease

In the cases examined under the Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment states that the following conditions were responsible for the sudden loss of kidney’s functioning:

• The kidneys may have suffered from a traumatic experience in recent times.
• There may have been an accidental loss to the kidneys.
• A sudden stroke that may have landed the kidneys to paralysis.
• Boosted blood pressure.
• Too much use of anti-biotic.

Is there any Acute Kidney Disease Treatment in Ayurveda?

The ideal treatment for kidney diseases should be done on the root causes. If possible, the treatment should combat all the related diseases as well. But how to know which treatment is the best for kidney diseases? There are two types of treatments available to cure kidney diseases. Allopathic treatment is a manmade method of curing kidney diseases. It works on the potential symptoms of diseases swiftly.

Ayurvedic treatment is the treatment that works on the root causes and symptoms both. This is the only available treatment that is an all-natural and herbal method. It doesn’t require equipment and surgical methods. Best Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment works in the following ways:

• Managing blood pressure.
• Controlling sugar levels.
• Controlling cholesterol level.
• Enhancing the life span of kidneys.
• Removal of the root causes of kidney diseases.

The Ayurvedic Acute kidney failure treatment strives to maintain the health of kidneys by:

• Control the blood pressure
• Control of diabetes
• Avoid alcoholism
• Limiting the intake of sodium, phosphorus, and potassium
• Quit smoking
• Avoid frozen, processed & canned foods
• Exercise daily
• Meditate for an hour
• Practice yoga
• Avoid taking painkillers
• Eat fresh fruits & vegetables only
• Consume food that is not oily
• Use olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil in cooking

In a nutshell, an acute kidney disease arises swiftly within hours or days. This disables the functioning of kidneys and may result in sudden failure of kidneys. When kidneys fail to execute their functioning then the human anatomy suffers from severe losses.

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