New Technology Based Industrial Fire Protection Services by RSC Group of Companies

The latest reports by concerned government authorities reveal that there has been a widespread rise in incidents of fire in various corporate and commercial complexes. The building and its premises either lacked safety regulations or proper access to fire extinguishing equipment and system machineries.  The RSC Industrial Services executed and moderated by the RSC Group have top-level professionals who have ample expertise in handling complex commercial projects in various manufacturing units. Keep in mind that only experts have thorough knowledge to understand the nature of debris and the exact process to clean it. An appropriate mix of chemical solutions is required to counter the pollutants that coagulate on the metal surfaces over time. The professionals study them and clean them accurately with sophisticated instruments complying by all kinds of safety regulations.

 Is your industrial facility adequately protected?

The Leading Causes Of Commercial Building Fires Include:

  • Heating equipment
  • Shop tools and industrial equipment
  • Electrical distribution and industrial lighting equipment
  • Cooking equipment
  • Intentional

It is crucial to assess the risks in your industrial facility and install the right commercial fire protection systems to counter these risks. Keep in mind, installation is simply the primary step. Annually, fires cause additional damage in industrial buildings and their premises where all types of protection systems have fallen into disrepair. RSC Industrial Services inspect, test, and maintain your overall fire protection systems.

Industrial Fire Sprinkler Services


There’s little question that fireplace sprinklers, considered as major equipment sold by RSC Group of Companies, in the domain of Industrial Fire Protection Services, save lives and drastically reduce property damage when a fireplace breaks out. By preventing the expansion and spread of a fire occurrence, properly operating sprinkler systems can often extinguish the blaze before help from the fire department arrives.

The expert technicians at RSC can ensure your system meets all the regulations and native fire codes. We perform code-compliant installations, testing, maintenance, and repairs. We also offer fire adequate sprinkler monitoring services.

Industrial Fire Alarm Systems


While the fire alarms don’t actively extinguish the raging flames, we are extremely crucial for reducing the chances of lost lives during an emergency. Industrial fire alarms are comprised of numerous parts, including a central instrument panel where smoke alarms are connected, plus sirens and horns to alert the people in the building. The company installs all the components of your facility’s fire alarm. We also provide fire alarm monitoring services to prevent any such unfortunate event.

Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial Buildings


There can be situations when your industrial building faces unique fire hazards that don’t quite always respond well to the effects of water. Things like flammable liquids or combustible chemicals, and other sorts of hazardous materials require an industrial fire suppression system.

Industrial Extinguisher Services


Using a portable extinguisher within the primary two minutes of a blaze breaking out is arguably the foremost cost-effective defense against property damage. In small industrial facility fires, employees can often fully extinguish or contain an occurrence with the right equipment until the hearth department arrives.

This ideal scenario requires two things: First, employees must have the proper sort of fire extinguishers available. Then, employees must easily be able to operate them.

Expert technicians of RSC Group of Companies can sincerely help determine the proper type, location, and maintenance schedule for your fire extinguishers. Moreover, the company provides the necessary administrative and governmental compliant extinguisher training to make sure employee confidence at the crucial time of using portable fire extinguishing equipment. Your property and its premises remain secure with the right measures from a practical perspective.

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