The New Parent’s Guide for Tying a Baby wearing Wrap
The New Parent’s Guide for Tying a Baby wearing Wrap

If you talk to a new mom, she’ll probably tell you that the most challenging part of raising a baby is him/her. It’s true, considering that both your hands are being used. Along with that, you need to handle all household chores that are also necessary. So, there are minimal solutions to this issue. But we have the best one here. 


Yes, the baby wearing wraps help you tie the baby on your body, and both your hands are virtually free. You again keep the baby right in front of your eyes every time while doing every other task normally. Now that’s all with the advantages of a baby carrier wrap. Let’s start with the tying process. 


How to tie the baby wearing wrap?


Actually, tying it on your body is the most challenging part. It might be soft-structured, but getting used to it takes some practice. And even if you know how to use it, get your hands-on with the help of another person. However, once you get the hang of it, it will become your second nature. Let’s start with the steps. 


  • Unfold the packaging and find the brand name in the center. 

  • Place the center on your stomach just below your chest and accumulate the top half.

  • Hold the wrap behind your back with crossed hands and pull them to tighten as per the requirement. It should form an x-shape across the back. The higher this X shape is, the higher the baby will sit on your back.

  • Now gather the fabric and tuck it through the top in front of your body. 

  • You can tie the baby in front, on the side or on your back. Just remember to make a double knot around your waist. Whichever position is comfortable for you, choose that depending on the length and size of the fabric. You might want to change the position after certain intervals.

  • Make sure you have left at least six to eight inches for your baby, depending on his size. Pick up the baby and lay him in the designated space. Your baby can face you or the other side. 

  • Put the babies one leg in one panel and the other leg in the next one. Do it one by one. 

  • Make sure that the baby is comfortable even after prolonged usage. He should not feel any kind of discomfort. If that is the case, change the position. 


You might find the time process of a child carrier wrap a bit complicated. But once you get used to it, it won’t be that difficult. 

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