Tips for quickly mounting a reroll

I have often seen players looking for the quick fix that would get them to the maximum level in record time. She does not exist! Thus, this guide does not offer a magic formula, but a bunch of tips that will certainly accelerate your progress in the levels.

These tips are based on my own experience in World of Warcraft. I have always taken great pleasure in mounting characters and by dint of mounting characters, I have implemented some "techniques" to move faster. Here you can get WoW Classic boost.

Finally, also note that my tips apply to all level ranges and that I mainly focus on pre-Wotlk content (1-70). The guide is dynamic and evolving: it will be regularly updated.

Happy reading to all!


Prepare the reroll

This step is often overlooked in creating a reroll, but it is one of the most important. Preparing a new character is to avoid any break in your lvling phase. Here are the important points:

- Prepare between 200 and 1000 inches to send to your character as soon as he is created (level 1).

- Prepare 5 bags. The [Frostwoven Bag] (20 slots/unit) is perfect. If you run out of money, the [Netherweave Bag] (16 slots/unit) will do the trick.

- A chest and shoulders linked to the account to benefit from the + 20% experience (on monsters and quests). They each cost 40  [Emblem of Heroism] or 60 [Champion's Seal] . If you wish, you can still buy more, but the experience bonus will not exceed 20%.

- Optional: prepare Linen, Wool, Silk, Mage-Weave, Runic, Netherweave and Frost-Weave fabrics to quickly assemble First Aid.


Getting started with a Reroll

From the first village reached (level 5 or 6) remember to collect your Gold Coins, Bags and Objects linked to the account.

On your first visit to the capital (if possible go when you have a quest to go there), put your hearthstone there. We will have to make a minimum of round trips on foot.


Quests or Bash?

Bash = Kill hundreds and hundreds of monsters (often the same) with a chain.

It is quite possible to progress quickly by "rocking" monsters, but this way of exp can quickly tire a player and "disgust" him of the game. Remember that motivation and the desire to play are the first ingredients for good progress.

My advice will therefore focus on lvling via the quests.



Never loot corpses, except when you have quest items to collect on them. This rule is essential! Loot the corpses is what makes you waste the most time during your "lvling" sessions. Skeptical?!. I understand you, but see ...:

- Not stripping corpses allows you to chain monsters much faster. All the more if you have Dots or attacks allowing you to hit several people (Warrior's Whirlwind for example).

- When you have to kill a large number of monsters, you can easily kill twice as many monsters if you don't skin them.

- Why have to loot monsters when their content is rarely useful. You do not need gold coins and you do not need armor (see "Prepare a new character").


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