Implant vs Natural Teeth
Implant vs Natural Teeth

It was very important and highly recommended by all the dentist around the world to maintain good oral health. The question often arises if implanting teeth is a better choice as compared to having a natural tooth. Emergency dentist in Manchester states that the answer is not that straightforward, in fact it is rather a situation based.  Though, it is better to reinstate the natural teeth, if not then only one should consider getting a teeth implant. This also states how natural teeth are better and stronger than the one implanted, but for instance if the teeth is decaying, it is better to get a teeth implant. Though teeth implantation can be a painful procedure but in order to have a good oral health, it is important to have neat and clean teeth. Having unhealthy teeth can lead to several severe health issues, therefore it is important to get rid of the teeth which cannot be restored. Dental implants act like natural permanent teeth and have titanium screws which act like the roots, which in turn prevents the teeth from any further damage.

Implants are permanent Teeth
The prime objective to get a dental implant is because your life doesn’t stay the same without them. Emergency dentist Manchester states how people who have properly aligned neat and clean teeth are more confident than those who suffer from teeth issues. Therefore, it not just brings embarrassment, awkwardness and loss of confidence but also gives a negative impression to the other person which may even repel them. Therefore, it is significant to get a long term solution by getting a dental implant instead.

Dental Implants are permanent teeth and have three parts
Dental implants are generally permanent teeth and the titanium screw acts like the root but however, it has three distinct parts, the abutment, the implant, and the crown. The implant has a titanium screw which works as a root for the new teeth. The screw is incorporated in the jaws to ensure the proper functioning of the nerves and the health of the teeth. The crown is that part of the teeth which is most visible to the eye and is made out of porcelain, the abutment is a connector which acts as a supporter for the crown. The crown is usually the strongest part of the teeth which helps you bite food.

Impact of Unhealthy Teeth on Your Health
Though there is no match for natural teeth when the natural teeth catch any decay, infection or disease, it is best to get it replaced and get a dental implant. Emergency dentist Manchester firmly believes that in such a situation it is best to get a dental implant. Unhealthy teeth can lead to severe health problems, starting from patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, having respiratory problems, not being able to eat or chew properly, sensitivity, stroke in rather severe cases, osteoporosis and lastly can also be the leading reason behind babies born underweight or significantly lower weight. Sometimes the problems are not that obvious, you might observe neck pain, headache, eye pain, and it all can be due to misaligned bite. So instead of bearing with all these severe health-related issues, it is better to get a dental implant as it will not only lower the chance of health problems but it lasts forever and does not decay.

Dental Implant Eligibility
Bone density is an important factor when considering a dental implant, dentists usually checks for the bone density of the patients before implanting the teeth and that is why children are not preferred when it comes to a dental implant, as their bones are yet to grow and not dense enough. Dental implant is a surgical process that means in order to receive dental implant your overall health matters. Hence, smokers and diabetic people are not advised to get a dental implant. Since the titanium screws are incorporated in the gums, people who are suffer from periodontal disease are advised not to get an implant, hence it is vital for your gums to be strong. Therefore, to make sure that the dental implant last forever, proper maintenance is required, ignorance of brushing and flossing will in turn lead to the implant becoming infected.

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