The Necessity of Company Master Data
The Necessity of Company Master Data

What is company data?


Company data refers to all the data that the company has directly or indirectly generated. 

When a company is active, it has an array of data regarding marketing, use of the company’s products, personal data, annual reports, balance sheets, forms, data that is transferred online in the reference of the company through e-mail or any other source, training data, and customer data. The data that is produced and shared by the subsidiaries of the company is also included in company master data.

Who manages company data?


Company data for an individual enterprise is managed and stored by the IT department of the company. Having an IT center and indulging in online procedures for any work related to the company has a by-product in the form of company data, which is sorted and managed by the IT sector. 


All the companies that are registered in India submit their company data to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Under the National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy (NDSAP), each company that has registered itself in the Registry of Companies has to make its company data public for anyone to review and study. This enables transparency in the financial procedures of the company and is helpful for students who wish to gain experience by reviewing various company data available on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Portal.


Documents can be accessed through Company Data.


Following are the documents that are available in the Company Data that is accessible to all:

  1. Balance Sheet: The document which presents the assets, liabilities, and equity of the company and provides knowledge about the financial condition of the company is a balance sheet. You can know the company’s net worth through this document.

  2. Profit and loss: this document elaborates on the financial incomes and expenditures of a company along with revenues of the company during a specified amount of time.

  3. Annual Return: How much the investment that is done by a company has gained the company in terms of annual percentage is annual returns. 

  4. MoA: An MoA, or memorandum of association of a company defines its constitution, its aim, and outlook in the future. It also includes the constraints of the company.  

  5. AoA: An AoA or Articles of Association of a company defines the rules and regulations according to which the company operates.


All the documents are created and saved in the form of XBRL. XBRL is the standard language through which company data can be effectively created, reported, and shared. XRBL files can be easily converted into other file saving formats such as PDF.


Types of Company Data

  1. Firmographics Data: Firmographics Data of a company refers to the industry it belongs to, its location, growth in the market, performance, status in the market, and size of the company.

  2. Technographic Data: This refers to the technical strength of the company. Its web presence, customer review services, website, online services, tracking of the order, etc. 

  3. Customer Relationship Management Data: Also known as CRM Data, this includes the database of all the customers your company has had, what product they bought, and their behavior that can be predicted for prospects.

  4. Marketing Data: ALl the data about potential clients, customers, and contacts that can influence the marketing and sales of the products and services generated by the company that is managed by the marketing team is marketing data.

  5. Buying Signals: These are the data that refer to the events and opportunities that a company holds and creates from time to time. These could be funding events, new product release events, merging with other companies, or investing.  

  6. Predictive Data: One can analyze all the data given above to pick and select data through which the prospect and outcome of the company can be predicted. 

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The necessity of Company Data

Company data can be a game-changer for B2B organizations. Salespeople, investors and other businesses can make an informed decision based on the analysis of the company data. Which company has better sales or which company is worth investing in based on the prediction, and that is done after recognizing the pattern in the company data.










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