FAQs About Doula Certification, Education, Training

Doula training is an in depth study of multiple different scenarios that could be possible in child birth. You learn the basics of newborn care and the responsibility of the new mom. The doula learns how to create a birth plan and how to make sure that the birth plan is followed as much as possible. Ethics play a huge role in doula training. This is because a doula usually becomes close to the family. The mother learns to rely on the doula for many aspects of her mental and physical wellbeing.

The basics of this reach all the way back to traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, traditional Chinese medicinecertification usually reaches into doula training. In order to get traditional Chinese medicine certification, you have to understand the whole body approach to healing. You have to know how the body works. It is not a light course. The way that traditional Chinese medicine came about is through generations of learning how and why the body works. It isn’t a matter of learning one aspect of medicine because the belief is that the whole body, mind, and even spirit interact with each other so that the body can heal itself. They introduction of outside chemicals is limited.

Western herbal medicine and traditional Chinese medicine differ in that western herbal medicine is not as highly monitored. Most people can walk into any health food store and pick up what they want, even if they do not understand how it will interact with other medications that they are taking. It can be misinterpreted if it isn’t studied in depth. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches about the interactions. They use herbs, plants, and food as a way to heal the body, but they understand how they all interact with each other so that the body can do its best to heal itself. Misusing herbal remedies is extremely common in western herbal medicine.

A doula’s training would incorporate both traditional Chinese medicine and western herbal medicine by explaining the common uses of plants and herbs. It would also ideally give the doula enough education that they can, in turn, educate the new mom and expecting family.

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