How to lose weight and stay fit the right way: Living a healthy lifestyle with ease

The number one reason most people struggle to lose weight is not necessarily because of what they eat or that they eat too much, but mainly that they have settled themselves into a lifestyle routine that is guaranteed to gain weight. Losing weight would require changing their current lifestyle routine slowly into one that helps maintain a healthy body.

There are usually no drastic solutions. The most drastic solutions like starving or severe dieting, excessive exercises, using pills or expensive medical procedures are hardly sustainable. What everyone needs, although not as easy as it sounds, is a balanced and active lifestyle that incorporates good and healthy exercise with moderate intake of food nutrients. Important point: anything in excess is usually not sustainable by the body because it creates hormonal imbalances that lead to other unhealthy conditions.

Everyone needs some form of exercise on a weekly bases be it walking, running, cycling, swimming etc. Again, moderation is key. The best exercise would be to get yourself involved in whatever you find most interesting. That way you shoot two birds with a single stone. You have fun doing what you love while losing or maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle at the same time.

Eating a balanced meal and eating at least three times a day to get what your body needs is key in staying healthy. If you have a large appetite for everything, try drinking a little more water before each meal so your actual intake portion is smaller.

A lot of people, when they realize they have gained 2 or more pounds, they suddenly take drastic measures to cut down. Usually, after dropping the extra pounds, they are often back at it again. Soon, they get into a routine of gaining and then losing weight.

We all need balance and having the right balance that puts less strain on your body and works in maintaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is key in staying healthy. Because everyone's lifestyle, daily work routines, appetites for different things, love of different activities is really different, it is very important to sit and craft a balance that suits your lifestyle. Nothing labourious that puts a strain on you. Just simple daily routines that ensure you eat all the things you love, have the right balance in diet and enjoy a sporting activity you are fun of. Having such a routine will make weight loss really easy to accomplish.

This will help focus your life more on having fun than on counting calories. When you start focussing on counting your daily calorie intake and getting on a weight balance everyday, then you have really missed the point of living a healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight shouldn't mean you have to eat less or deprieve yourself of the things you crave. When you tell yourself you want to lose weight or have gained weight, what you are really trying to say is that you want a lifestyle change that keeps you more active and lets you enjoy the things you love.

Sit down, get a pen and piece of paper. For each day in the last week, write down what you did. That list you include all activities engaged in and lenght of time for each, what you ate etc. Figure out what you need to do daily to boost your active mode. That may include introducing sporting activities into your schedule or switching say to bicycling to work instead of driving, starting out your day with a 10-20min jogging exercise etc. Little things add up and soon all the extra weight will slowly disappear without you noticing.

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