Effective Way to Control your Child’s Social Media Usage

Every individual of the present “Digital” era is using the internet and its services frequently. Everybody has access to the services of the Internet. Even the children are not distant from these.

The new generation starts using the internet from a very young age, but every parent seems to be worried in one way or another about his child’s growing usage of the Internet and with the increasing trend of social media their worries are sky-rocketing.

The internet has everything. From very knowledgeable to very degrading things and every parent wants to save his child from such dark sides of the Internet. The use of social media seems to trigger their worries the most.
Every parent wants to control their child’s internet usage to keep him safe. The fear of your children coming across unwanted things is not limited to the kids only, other family members are also not safe from this.

The government is not taking accurate actions to stop this chaos. Steps taken are either too weak or too easy to breach. Moreover, not every nations’ government takes even these actions to safeguard the children. Therefore, the responsibility of keeping the family safe comes on the shoulders of the parent.

Internet usage of everybody in your family, whether your child or family member can be controlled and monitored with the help of a Family Security app or website. There are many Family security apps available in the market but it all comes to the features when you go for one. Titan Family Security is the best family security app loaded with all the features any parent can ask for.

Some websites like Microsoft and Google offer small services like child accounts and joint accounts but these are not enough to save the kids. Here, the Titan Family Security will come in handy in saving your family from the threats.

Titan Family Security has features like Social Media Security, Internet Usage, Phone Tracking, GPS tracking, Audio-Video Surveillance, Live Camera, Notifications and much more.

The children can get access to the dark side with the help of loopholes of apps and websites. He may create other fake accounts on various platforms, whether social media or others, using fake birthdays, etc. The Titan Family Security can help you monitor the doings of your child, you can assess the internet usage through the app.

The feature of live tracking will help you discover the location of your kids. You can give voice commands from your phone to their phones. The feature of a live camera can help you monitor the surroundings of your family members. You can record the audios to assess the whereabouts and activities of your child. You can access the call history, gallery, contacts, etc. to check the contacts and content of your child’s phone.

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, there are a lot of other social media platforms on the internet like WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter, Hike, Skype, etc. All the activities of these social sites can be controlled single-handedly through Titan Family Security.

The app will come in handy in preventing burglaries and robberies even when you are not at home with the kids. You can monitor the surroundings and call the authorities in case of suspicion.

Titan Family Security provides a demo to understand the working of the app. Just install the app and be carefree.

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