Does A Good Life Insurance Protection Give Your Actual Peace of Mind?

Does A Good Life Insurance Protection Give Your Actual Peace of Mind?

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential these days that individuals do not pay much attention to it until a catastrophe occurs. There is a psychological satisfaction that one knows that the monthly premiums paid in the long run are going to be beneficial. Insuring either socially or economically does not mean that the risk must occur, it just means having an alternative if the disaster happens. These days individuals not only have life insurance but also property insurance. Living today there are a lot of diseases that erupt because of our modernity; therefore, life insurance must not be considered as a “skeleton investment”.



Statistics have proven that there is 30% rise of life insurance demand annually. The main reason being that nowadays there is an option of receiving life insurance with no specific medical check required. Medical checks can either be too expensive or reject the insured when applying for a life Insurance. Things are simpler since one can acquire either a guaranteed or a simplified life insurance. Whereby a guaranteed life insurance, an individual is subjected to specific questions that involve their health i.e. Do you have HIV? The guaranteed life insurance though it does not involve the medical checks only the few in the society can afford. While as for the simplified life insurance one issues his/her medical report of which he/she can be insured or rejected in the long run depending.

The rise of life insurance being a necessity to an individual creates the idea that entirely it creates a satisfaction in the “Peace of Mind “. Especially, now that life insurance is at everyone’s disposal. It is not a rich man’s land as the affordability has made it possible even for the poor to have their share. Living at peace with oneself is very important especially in ones on development status either socially or economically. With a piece of mind, one is able to supersede their own breakthroughs in life. The only way in which one can acquire this peace of mind is by obtain the so-called life insurance.

Peace of Mind and Life Insurance

Imagine living by the day knowing that if a catastrophe or a disaster happens to you today, there is no mind interference of thinking how you will be able to put yourself back together life insurance because the ultimate solution to this. Peace of mind lies in two different boats financially or socially.

1) Socially

Life insurance serves as a risk management of an individual over death. In this the family also get benefit depending on the insurance cover taken. Relationship either with spouse or at work is a very important virtue in the world we live in today. A peace of mind socially comes about on the thought that those with close proximity in terms or relationships are doing just fine. The assurance of this phenomenon is acquiring a life insurance.

 Secondly, life insurance is inherited from one generation to the next depending on the type of cover. The idea that the premiums paid for the insurance cover is not “dead money “other than your children can inherit the cover. This has some peace of mind status socially that comes with thought that when you are dead, your family can also benefit from the cover has some fulfillment of peace with it. Since one will be families financial security is already covered.

Another way in which life Insurance has an effect of resulting to peace of mind socially is that it has an option of proving no needles life insurance. One can describe a needless life insurance as an type of life insurance that has an expiration date and it is more costly as compared to permanent insurance by 2-3times.The needles life insurance guarantees one a peace of mind socially especially to individuals who have tend to have phobia in using needles. Some of the examples of phobia the needles life insurance eliminates to an individual include:

a. Acrophobia –Fear of pointed objects

b. Belone phobia – Fear of needles

c. Homophobia –Fear of Blood

This therefore justifies that the idea of acquiring life insurance to be specific the needless life insurance ensures peace of mind socially to the affected individuals above.

2)  Financially

Life Insurance creates a tranquility in the mind financially. Catastrophes and risks occurring to the individually can be a financial burden top both the individual and the close family. That is the reason why many people opt to acquire life insurance. With life insurance, it ease the burden of financial expenses or depts. Coinciding with the health issues especially those that pertain chronic health .In this therefore, the calmness in the mind of the affected individual is dealt with as the individual does not have to deal with a financial burden .

To add on this an individual attains a peace of mind financially as it acts as a financial security to your family. Most of these life insurance covers are hereditary, therefore the deceased has an assurance that its own family financial status is not on the edge.

This life Insurance cover is continuously expanding and stretching its limits. Today one can receive a life insurance that does not require any form of medical checks to acquire it. Medical checks and procedure tend to be lengthy and costly process. Lengthy to the argument that many medical procedures have to be thoroughly done before one gets to acquire the insurance cover. It is also costly to the notion that for various medical tests have to be carried out before one is given a life insurance cover. Therefore, for life insurance it bring the option of no medical checks insurance, which in turn eliminates the financial burden that comes with it and brings out a peace of mind financially.


Life insurance today is no longer a luxury rather than it is a necessity. The demand of life insurance has been hastened with the idea of having the ability to be able to acquire. The reason being there are many varieties of life insurance no medical check life insurance and no needles life insurance. Other than that life insurance has not been seen beneficiary to the individuals only but also to the society around the individuals. It has also been the epitome and center to attain a peace of mind either socially or financially.



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