How Can Real Estate Agents Work from Home During COVID19
How Can Real Estate Agents Work from Home During COVID19

COVID19 is everywhere. Not a single country is saved from this pandemic. The businesses all over the world have been shut down, and people are working from their homes to increase social distancing. Work from home means that you can continue your business amid the Coronavirus; you can talk to your customers, you can submit them to their work, and on top of it, you can stay in the loop with your customers. If you’re a real estate agent, then it’s also good news for you because you can continue to work from home and help your customers in buying and selling the property and making money out of their investment.


Let’s see how!


  1. Create a Website


In online working, the most important thing you need is the website because all things will start from there. So, create your website, list all the available properties you have, and connect with your customers so they can easily look on it. When you start creating your website, keep it simple so the customers don’t get confused in the decision-making. In addition, they also keep the pictures clear and write proper descriptions so the customers can have a thorough idea of the property. Follow these tips to create your website.


  • Use keywords in the property description to make the property searchable.
  • Keep your website simple so customers can navigate easily. 
  • Use HD photos to give a clear picture of your property.


2. Employ a Chat Agent


When customers come to your website to buy a property, they have a lot of questions amid the descriptions. For example, they can ask you for a time to meet and discuss. They can tell you their requirements, or they can also share their concerns. They also want a prompt reply so they can make up their decision soon and final a deal with you. If you don’t have the chat agent, then you can miss the opportunity of landing the deal or can lose your golden customers due to late replies. A chat agent will be a blessing in this case because he will handle your customers with prompt reply to their questions, and this can easily be managed while working from home, so you don’t need to call the agent to the office.


After creating the website, you will need a chat agent to deal with your customers. If not a chat agent, you can also go for employing an AI-powered chatbot.


3. Give a Virtual Property Tour


Know that the government has restricted the traveling and mass gatherings, so you’ll need the option to facilitate your customers through virtual tours of the property. You can use technology like virtual reality to give a property tour to your customers. There are many benefits to giving a virtual tour. First is that the customers will have a proper idea of the property, and he can closely look at all the aspects of the property. Secondly, it will save the commute time and cost of coming to the property and inspecting it. And last, you can decide in minutes if the property is worth buying. 


If you’re planning to buy condos for sale in toronto instead of single-family homes, then you can also make a quick decision regarding this. The virtual property tour will help you in all the cases and during the global lockdown as well.


4. Use Social Media to Market your Property


Now that you have prepared your website for everything, it’s the best time to market. Use the appropriate channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and help people reach their desired property, be it condo, single-family homes, or apartments. Be reasonable with prices and tell why your property is worth over others. If they have any concerns, talk to them and tell them how you can help them. By making the right use of social media, you can also reach out to the groups and forums and satisfy customers with the virtual tours of the property.


When you get interested customers, you can go on settling the deals with them. If they want to bargain, make it good for them and also consider the market trends while making the decision.  


Once you have passed all these 4 stages, you can proceed to the official e-documentation and when the COVID winds settle down, you can tell the customers to shift in the property. During the process, if the customer needs the satisfaction from the neighborhood area and locality, you can also resolve their concerns. 


Haven’t we made the work from home easy for agents? 

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