Celebrate weekends with holiday resorts in Kolkata
Celebrate weekends with holiday resorts in Kolkata

Daily life can become boring and monotonous after a point.  Most people lead their lives as per fixed schedules, leaving little time for a personal life. Adults are busy with office work and home responsibilities. Children also face stress due to studies and exam pressure. There is little time to sit back and relax. Families don’t get enough time to spend together. This is why spending a short break at a weekend holiday resort in Kolkata is said to be a good idea.

Taking a break from the daily mundane routine is an ideal way to refresh your spirits. A weekend vacation is a welcome change of scenery for everyone. Being away from the chaos of the city, these resorts give families a chance to enjoy some quality time with each other. Spread over vast stretches of land and surrounded by lush greenery, these holiday resorts provide a calm setting for all guests. It is the perfect destination to unwind and let go any stress.

These weekend resorts offer luxurious rooms to all its guests, designed for the ultimate comfort. All modern facilities like 32 inches flat screen TV, electronic safe, a mini fridge packed with soft drinks, a work Desk, and a complete range of toiletries are provided. Every room boasts of the most stunning décor and lavish furnishings. The guest rooms in a weekend holiday resort in Kolkata offer excellent views overlooking the large green lawns of the resort.

These holiday resorts also offer special amenities like children’s play area, swimming pool, cricket pitch, football ground, badminton court, indoor games room, restaurants and bars, wellness spas, and many more. Guests can even take part in some adventure activities such as kayaking, archery, rifle shooting, trampoline, zipline, friendship ladder, rope course, and more. A few resorts also include a natural water body within the property where guests can enjoy boating rides. The lawns double up as open playgrounds for little kids to run around freely. These resorts are ideal for family holidays.

Taking short weekend trips is beneficial for a person’s mental state of mind. A break from the everyday routine is a good way to refill up your energy levels. Weekend vacations can have many positive outcomes. Some of these are:

Family time

In the course of our daily lives, families do not get much chance to spend valuable time together. Due to the hectic schedules of both parents and children, there is very limited scope to indulge in family bonding activities. Going for a break at a weekend holiday resort in Kolkata gives families an opportunity to spend quality time with each other. There are many recreational activities available in these holiday resorts that provide family members a chance to do fun activities together. This helps to strengthen family bonding. 


Most holiday resorts in Kolkata are located on the outskirts of the city. Far away from the hustle bustle of the city, the peaceful surroundings of these resorts provide a sense of calm and tranquillity for all the guests. People who spend their whole day cooped up inside the office find the open green lawns of these resorts to be a welcome change of scenery. Trees are planted strategically all over the property to provide cool shade from the sun. Such a quiet and serene atmosphere at a weekend holiday resort in Kolkata is perfect for mental relaxation and physical rest. It takes away all the stress and fatigue from your mind.

Creating memories

Spending valuable time with the family is one of the best ways to create happy memories. Some families like to visit a holiday resort every year during one’s birthday or anniversary time. This makes the special days even more memorable. By visiting a weekend holiday resort in Kolkata for such special occasions, families can go about creating many memories of happy and cherished times spent together.



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