How To Play YouTube In Background On iPhone And iPad?

There are a number of ways in which you can easily bend the stiff app rules on your iPhone and iPad and enjoy multiple apps in one time. One such query that is often asked by multiple iPhone users is about IOS YouTube music player and how to keep it playing over iPhone. It is to be noted that when IOS8 came into light it allowed Google YouTube app to be played even when the screen was turned off. However, as time passed the facility became obsolete. But there are some shortcut ways using which you can easily play YouTube music player for iPhone even when screen is turned off. In the first part of this write up we are explaining how to use Safari for playing YouTube app on background even when screen of your iPhone is turned off.

This works in both iOS 7 and iOS 8, with the limitation that you can’t skip between tracks in playlists.

Step 1: Launch Safari, the default browser on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Step 2: Search for YouTube in the address bar / search box, or simply type

Step 3: Tap the small magnifying glass icon and then search for a video that you want to listen to. Tap on a video from the rundown of results and let it start to play.

Step 4: Press your gadget’s home catch to come back to the home screen. The music will stop. Be that as it may, swipe up from the base to show Control Center. Tap the play catch to keep playing the sound from the YouTube video.

Step 5: You can now open another application, for example, Messages or Mail and continue listening while working on that application. A few apps (those which permit you to continue listening to your own music) will even now be useful without removing the sound from the YouTube video. On the contrary, that you need to search the web, you’ll have to utilize an alternate web program than the one which is playing the YouTube video, since exchanging tabs will make playback stop. In the event that you don’t have another program introduced, attempt Google Chrome.

Step 6: You can listen to YouTube with the screen off, as well. Press the rest/wake tab to switch off your gadget and the sound from the YouTube video will stop. Then press it again and tap the play tab to restart the sound. When you put your iPhone or iPad on off, the sound will continue playing.

For more info: on demand YouTube music player

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