How to Design a Great Medical App

Creating a successful, effective app requires a constant focus on what works best for the app’s specific audience. Development should take user needs into account and design should be centered around a clean, intuitive UI/UX. As part of the development process, you’ll need to choose the appropriate color scheme and fonts, as well as make decisions about important design elements and details. All of these different factors contribute to creating an easy-to-use, popular, and effective medical mobile app.

Good quality design is important for any mobile application, but it’s especially important when developing an app for sensitive target audiences such as those using medical mobile apps. Since many users in this sector will be elderly, might have sensory impairments or other disabilities, or may lack the technical expertise of younger mobile app users, it’s necessary to think ahead when creating your medical mobile app’s design.

What should a great medical app look like and what things do you need to consider when developing the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for this particular audience? Here you can find tips and tricks from a medical website design company


It’s all very nice to design a great experience, but none of that will matter if you don’t spend time sweating the details of your app’s privacy and security. For one of our health apps, we required that the user login nearly every time they re-entered the app. However, we did allow for a small window of time during which the user could enter the app again without logging in. We also thought about the sections of our app that would be most important to have quick access to in the event of an emergency, for example, the Doctor’s phone number and previous hospitalizations. Additional points to consider:

  • Build in offline access for data needed in an emergency
  • Back up data in the cloud in case of a lost or stolen phone
  • Obtain the proper patient permissions if your app has a caregiver component


Providing this data to doctors is a request we’ve heard again and again in research. However, there are strict laws surrounding the privacy and sharing of this data. To add to the challenge is the fragmented nature of Electronic Health Record systems throughout the world, and the lack of a consistent standard. The Mayo clinic has solved this conundrum quite elegantly, albeit with the benefit of focusing on one network of hospitals.


At this point, you have an app that is passively monitoring vitals for the user. Now it’s time to add a layer of intelligence to the app by creating an algorithm that uses the data to offer helpful suggestions to the user. A great example of this is Juhan Sonin’s redesign of his electronic health record app, which allows a patient to see their entire health status in one view and maps the data points on an easy-to-read scale.

Once the intelligent algorithm for your app is in place, you’ll want to focus on tone of voice and messaging. Tone of voice will already have been explored in your up-front research. For example, if you hear in research that users engage in frank and open discussion on message boards about their condition, aim for that in the app. Tone of voice lays the foundation for the detailed messaging matrix that you will develop.


Designing an effective medical mobile app for your audience

As the health sector continues to adapt to technological innovation, it is increasingly important for those looking to enter the market to be aware of the best practices associated with creating effective UI/UX for medical apps. Taking color schemes and font selection into account, as well as making smart decisions on various other elements and design details is critical to an app’s success.

Medical mobile apps that cater to users with sensory impairments or those that lack the technical savvy needed, such as elderly people, must be designed and developed in a way that makes every single feature as crystal clear and accessible as possible. It’s good practice to always test your final product’s design to make sure that it is accessible and comfortable for all of your users.


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