Residential Orange Tree Yields and Citrus Tree Pest Control

By Ashley

No sane person can say no to a delicious, fresh cup of orange juice in the morning, and any Floridian can tell you that owning a residential orange tree is one of the many perks of living in the Sunshine State.

Unfortunately for residential citrus tree owners, the scares associated with fungal, viral and bacterial diseases have become more prominent. The entire state of Florida is currently quarantined for citrus greening disease, while approximately ten years ago, a citrus canker epidemic had previously swept the state. Since then, citrus tree disease treatment has become a large priority for growers and residential plant-owners alike.

In addition to citrus greening disease and canker, orange trees are also prey for pesky vectors and insects, such as the Asian Citrus Psyllid, mites and aphids. While many residential orange tree owners make sure to fertilize and water their plants, spraying a residential orange tree is also a very important part of citrus trees pest control.

Our specially-formulated vegetable oil and sulfur based Citrus Spray Solution (C.S.S.) is the perfect addition to your horticulture routine. In addition to helping you increase the amount of your yield (as well as the quality), this all-natural citrus tree bug spray gets rid of pest infestations while also creating an inhospitable environment to ensure that no further infestations occur.

Spray your residential orange tree once in the morning, on days when the temperature is between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Your diseased orange tree will slowly lose all of its diseased leaves before it generates new, healthier ones.

It is safe to spray your orange tree once a day throughout summer and fall, however be cautious during spring.

You can spray the orange tree when the first flowers open in the spring, as the spray will help to encourage the bloom. However, once there are many open blooms, it is advised to stop spraying until the oranges have grown ¼ of an inch in diameter.  Spraying at this time will “set” the oranges.

C.S.S. has also been shown to actually extend blooming season for up to weeks, all the while protecting the orange tree from frost.

If you’re interested in making your orange tree upkeep easier than ever before, feel free to visit our product page for more information on what our C.S.S citrus tree bug spray can do for you.

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