A Look at the Different Plastic Surgery Options That You Have

A surgeon and a physician who can transform, reshape and recreate the human body and face is known as a plastic surgeon. It is always advisable to opt for experienced and expert Dominican plastic surgeon if you wish to undergo a plastic surgery of any kind.

Statistics reveal that more than 70 thousand surgical cosmetic procedures were carried out in UK alone in the year 2008. This was 50 percent more than the surgeries performed in 2003. Dominican Republic too witnesses hundreds of plastic surgeries each month and the numbers only continue to rise year after year. The most popular procedure is that of breast enlargement followed closely by a nose reshaping, liposuction and facelift.

A plastic surgeon is board certified and is trained in several aspects relating to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery some of which are face and body’s cosmetic surgery, head, torso and neck’s reconstructive surgery, micro-vascular, hand and burn surgery and also congenital revision and repair. 

Types of plastic surgeries

Which plastic surgery should you go for? If you thought plastic surgery was simply going to a doc and going under the knife, you’re wrong. There are different types of plastic surgery options available, according to your need. The most common type of cosmetic or plastic surgeries are the following.

  1. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty where the abdomen is firmed and reshaped.
  2. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty where the eyelids are either reshaped or permanent eyeliner is put.
  3. Mammoplasty which includes breast enlargement, breast reduction, male breast reduction or breast lift.
  4. Lower-body lift which includes buttock augmentation and buttock lift where the appearance of the buttocks are enhanced.
  5. Chemical peels which are quite common for people suffering from scars, wrinkles, acne or pock.
  6. Labiaplasty which includes labial reduction or minor reduction.
  7. Nose jobs where the patient’s nose is reshaped by the plastic surgeon.
  8. Ear surgery where the ear is pinned closer to the head.
  9. Facelift where wrinkles are removed surgically.

How Do You Choose a Good Plastic Surgeon?

To choose a good Dominican plastic surgeon, there are certain steps that can be followed and will help you make the right choice.

  1. Don’t forget to interview - Interview 2 or even 3 surgeons who specialize in their field and ensure that they are both board-certified and members of professional organizations in the country. The educational qualification, license and board certification of the surgeon can be verified with the Dominican Republic medical board.
  2. Check out recommendations - Personal recommendations can prove to be of great use here. If a friend, relative or family member who has undergone a similar procedure recommends a certain plastic surgeon; you can be rest assured that the surgeon is indeed a good one and has the expertise and skills to do the job well.
  3.  Check the experience - Inquire about the surgeon’s fellowship training where he must have received specialized training in a specific kind of procedure making him an expert in the same.

What should you ask yourself before Going in for the surgery?

Here are a checklist that you should tick off before heading off for a plastic surgery.

  • What is the area of expertise of the chosen surgeon?
  • Since how many years has the surgeon been practising and how many such procedures has he already performed?
  • Has the surgeon cleared all your queries and answered all your questions beforehand?
  • Is the surgeon professional and confident about his job and yet friendly too?
  • Has the surgeon allowed you to see other patients before and after pictures?
  • If the surgical facility where the procedure be held certified? Does it have board-certified anaesthesiologists and all the necessary emergency equipments and devices installed?
  • Understand the costs involved. This will include the operating room charges, surgeon’s fee and anaesthesia charges to begin with.

Also, do not forget to ask yoursel as to what will your financial responsibility be in case there is a need to perform a second surgery? While most plastic surgeries only need to be performed once, you cannot discount the possibility of having to go under the knife a second time. These simple questions and tips will ensure that you find the best Dominican plastic surgeon for you.

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