Should You Get a Cat or a Dog?

For those who are fun of domestic animals like myself and do not have an immediate preference for either a cat or a dog, it is not easy to decide whether to go with a cat or a dog. Both are incredibly friendly animals for many people.

For some, domestic animals fill an emotional void society can not provide. They have a strong emotional connection to their pets that they instantly feel relieved of stress whenever they come in contact with them.

Some psychologists say the presumed innocence of domestic animals, their fragility, vulnerability and their love for contact all come together to induce a deep sense of connection. When people feel betrayed, or robbed of something emotionally, they tend to derive a strong sense of relieve from their pets because they is a deep and untold trust that is hardly betrayed. The pet becomes the only trustworthy thing that bestows, instills confidence and love.

Pets have their own drawbacks and that includes the amount of money that needs to be spent to groom them. For many, the satisfaction derived from having a pet far outweighs the cost of keeping one. Having a pet also helps to build affection even to things that are nonhuman. This helps to cultivate a strong purpose on the essence of living and the appreciation of life.

Pets, because of their radiating innocence help people to grow morally. They are animals that need to be taken care of because of their vulnerability. They need to be fed, provided water and clothed during winter. They need to exercise occasionally outdoors.

Providing these to pets help build better emotions towards others. We live in a society where there is strong emphasis of being independent and emotionally unconcerned about the situations of others. Many have found a way to show that human emotion towards pets. As people become separated from their families and go out to lead independent lives, pets have often become the go to substitute for that family connection. And for many who grew up in homes with pets, the pets they later own serve as a subtle though unnoticed reminder of the love and family togetherness they once enjoyed.

What animal you get ultimately depends on your preference, your lifestyle and all the prejudices towards certain animals we all grow up with. For many who lead an active life and like the outdoors, they usually tend to have a strong preference for dogs as they can go out with their dog to the playground or go for a jog. This is a wide generalization as people tend prefer different things for different reasons.

Some may not like dogs solely because it costs a little more to maintain with respect to food etc. Some cats could also eat as much as dogs :). For some,they hate the constant barking and consider it noise pollution. Not all dogs tend to bark a lot, though the majority do.

Cat haters may dislike the scratching and constant tripping of glassware and flower pots. They are often a lovely breed of domestic animals and seem to know they did something wrong when a glass jar falls over. And just like dogs, will run and hide behind a couch if they do something wrong.

The key in owning a domestic animal is to plan beforehand, evaluate your choices carefully as it applies to your lifestyle. Rushing may not get you the breed that would suit you and always, a good dose of advice is always helpful. You could seek the help of a domestic animal expert if you are not sure of what would work best for you. They will certainly provide you with a list of charming options.

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