Can A Hair Transplant Always Give Full Coverage?

Can A Hair Transplant Always Give Full Coverage?

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant is suggested to patients with visible baldness. It is also prescribed to those who have male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia. Hair from the patient's own scalp are extracted. These donor area hair's choice and quality is key for post-operative benefits.

The surgeon implants these healthy hair known as follicular units. They are inserted in the bald areas of the scalp using various methods. These techniques like FUT and FUE also determine the success of a modern hair transplant surgery. 

  1. Patient's Perspective

The patients are generally unaware of the complex science behind hair. They are more interested in visible, physical qualities. The hair colour, length, spread, and strength matter to them. They comb, wash, and use cosmetics or herbal oils to keep the hair healthy.


Baldness or thinning result from stress, diseases, genetics, and hair disorders. The skin as well as scalp also play a prominent role in hair's health. They can make a difference between long, flowing tresses or split hair. They can make shiny, dark locks break up and fall off.


Beyond these basic details, The patients do not know much. Unfortunately, A superficial understanding of cosmetic aspects is not sufficient. That is why a regular visit to the dermatology specialist is important. It is as essential as seeing a dentist or general doctor.


  1. Surgeon's Outlook

Surgeons are certified doctors with post graduate degree specialization. A plastic surgeon has scientific outlook on skin, hair, and physical shape. He is also trained to resolve anatomical and physiological defects. Specialists have superior skills in their focus areas.

The hair transplant surgeon, is an expert in treating all hair related problems. He has qualitative and quantitative knowledge of these fibres. The doctor can identify hair loss symptoms. He interacts with the patient for deeper insights into the disorder.

The specialist examines and treats with medicines and surgery. Diagnostic measures and modern devices are used for deeper studies. Experts always suggests a right course of action including surgeries. The transplant can manage and even cure a serious hair loss situation.

Hair Transplants: Expectations And Reality

Surgeons transplant hair to treat baldness and thinning on the scalp. They also treat the eye brows, eye lashes, beard, and moustache areas. But, Hair transplant is generally identified with re-growing hair on the scalp. The main areas of focus are the forehead, the side burns, and the crown. 

Patients are losing hair even in their 20s and early 30s too. So, the expectations are very high, even unrealistic sometimes. But surgeons have new techniques like FUE and FUSS to cope with the demands. So, does hair transplant promise full coverage on the head?

Important Facts

  1. Hair replacement surgery does not need a donor or other person. The patient's own hair is screened, selected, and used for transplant.

  2. Full coverage is a subjective term and depends on the definition. The surgeon never promises a full head of hair(to partial or completely bald patients).

  3. The transplant procedure can definitely improve coverage. After recovery, The new hair hides the bald areas and fights thinning symptoms.

  4. Greater coverage area directly translates to multiple surgical sessions. The surgeon grafts donor hair from the back and implants on to the front.

  5. The patient however has to consider the risks, convenience, and comforts. He is also naturally worried about the hair transplant cost.

  6. Those with dark hair are obviously at a disadvantage here. Transplant is more suited to those with gray, light-coloured, or coarser hair.

  7. The surgical results also depend on the donor area of the scalp. If the strips are rich with stronger follicular units then better outcomes are possible.

  8. For those under the age of 40 (or 35) slower surgery(FUE) is suggested. The surgeon opts for thinner grafts so as to reduce or eliminate scarring.

  9. For middle aged patients, a faster surgery is performed. The expert prefers dense donor area and grafts using the FUSS technique. 

  10. Full coverage is not the ultimate performance indicator either. Patients derive happiness as bald areas got covered in a satisfactory way.

  11. Success has to be defined at the preoperative stage with information. Before and after photos and videos can be helpful here.

  12. The patient has to consent to all the terms and conditions including costs. For higher satisfaction, Other options like corrective surgeries can be explored.

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