7 WordPress Plugins For E-Commerce Sites

7 WordPress Plugins For E-Commerce Sites

If you are starting an e-commerce site, there are some  essential WordPress plugins  that will help you start and maintain a site successfully. Running an e-commerce store can be very profitable and having the best tools available to run it is the key.

When you are building a website and in particular an online store, you need to know your vision of the project. Before you start with your e-commerce site, find out exactly what you want to sell, how much you will sell it and who you will sell it for. When you determine it, you will be able to implement your plan and use the right tools for your site.

The following WordPress plugins are part of the necessary tools.


The beauty of  WooCommerce  is that it is totally free. There are no subscriptions, top outs, caps or surprises to look around the corner because like WordPress, WooCommerce is available to the public to use at will.

In addition to being free, WooCommerce is also very easy to set up. You can go through the setup wizard in one afternoon if you stay focused. Even the most annoying things (like taxes) are handled through the setup wizard, although you should speak to local authorities to confirm that the settings are correct.

You can add all the products you want to your WooCommerce store. You can sell digital or physical products, courses and subscriptions. Whatever you can put a price on, you can use WooCommerce to create a product page.

WooCommerce is a favorite for all WordPress users since the price is right and the features are those of an expensive plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you don't plan to sell physical products, there's no reason to have the functionality of a plug-in like WooCommerce. Instead, you can use  Easy Digital Downloads  to sell and deliver your digital products.

The use of this plugin is simple but only because it is simple, this does not mean that it is not powerful. With a full shopping cart, ability to create discounts, unlimited file downloads, file access control, download activity tracking and more, you can easily manage a fully digital store through this plugin.

Digital download stores can be highly profitable since there are no shipping costs, stocks to keep on hand or delays in production.


If you are selling something small or have a low monthly subscription, you may want to allow users to purchase currency on your site through  WPdeposit  . You will have your monetary system. Your users purchase a variety of credits and are therefore able to purchase items in your store. This can be useful when managing micropayments as commissions would make up the bulk of the payment if the site currency were not made.

Table Rate Shipping

If you are confused by how much you should charge for shipping here or there, use Table Rate Shipping . It will help you understand how much you need to charge for each of your transactions.


With  SocialCoupon  , you can transform your customers into your marketing team. Offer coupons to share your content on social media. If you offer the right discount, you could get many shares and interests that come back to your store.

Product Countdown

Procrastination is one of the things human beings suffer from. If we think we have plenty of time to do something, we won't. Even when we are buying something we really want, it is not unlikely that we will wait around to see if we can get a better deal.

When using the Product Countdown   of the product on the product page, it gives viewers a sense of urgency and prompts them to make the purchase. When they see the clock countdown or the number of available products going down, this gives them a reason to act now instead of waiting until later and see if they still want to buy it. The chances that someone will come back and visit your site for that product after they leave are low.

Social Login

The easier it is for someone to use your shop, the better. You can install  Social Login  from WooCommerce to allow users to log in with their existing social media accounts. This means less for them to do and less to think about. All they have to do is click a button and they are ready to purchase from your site. This also allows them to have more trust in your site, since they know who the main social networks are.


The plug Free Live Chat plugin  for EngageBay is a live chat service that allows site visitors and customers to easily communicate with you directly from your website. Boost customer service and increase sales instantly. All this directly from your E-Commerce  website design and look feel for customer.

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