Valuable life lessons I have learned in my 20s

1. Try to be kind always, it will make you and other people feel good.
2. Compliment strangers, it takes two seconds and it might just make someones day.
3.  Your health is your most valuable asset, look after your mind and body.
4. There is only a small window of time to notice someone’s new haircut.
5. Don’t worry or overthink about every little thing. Will it matter ten years from now? Probably not.
6. Always take your make up off before bed, your skin will thank you for it in years to follow.
7. Manners cost nothing and they really do go a very long way.
8. Go to the cinema alone, eat out alone, stop worrying about what other people think.
9. Don’t open emails from Nigerian royalty offering you a large amount of money – it’s not legit.
10. You don’t have as much time as you think you do, use it wisely.
11. You are so much more than the number on the scales, or a the size tag on your jeans.
12. Sometimes listening is much more important than thinking of a response.
13. Don’t pick your at spots, seriously leave it alone, stop touching your face.
14. Break-ups are awful and even if they seem like the end of the world at the time, you will be okay.
15. Moisturise, don’t pick at your mascara off and always have a lip balm to hand.
16. Cute underwear doesn’t have to be for your partner, rock that cute matching set all for yourself.
17. Be sensible with money, spend wisely but save too.
18. Drunk texts are never a good idea, turn your phone off, future you will thank drunk you in the morning
19. Suncream is important, even on cold, cloudy days, always false tan, tanning beds are not an option.
20. Hold the door open for people, don’t be that person.
21. Find a bra that fits, go and get measured, your boobs will thank you after.
22. Ice cubes will remove chewing gum from your hair, step away from the scissors.
23. Hair conditioner is a great substitute for shaving foam / cream when it comes to shaving your legs.
24. Honey and brown sugar makes a great face and body exfoliator.
25. Never go to bed with wet hair, it’s not worth the knots in the morning. That’s a tongue twister.
26. Don’t always believe everything you see / read / hear.
27. Be careful what you say sometimes, words can hurt and you can’t take it back, write it down, go back to it 15 minutes later, you probably won’t be angry by then and you can decide if you still want to say it. You’ll be amazed at how different you feel.
28. The three E’s are important – energy, enthusiasm and empathy.
29. Drink as much water as you possibly can.
30.You don’t have to win every argument, let things go, you’ll feel a lot better.

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