5 types of Material for Food Packaging Design

5 types of Material for Food Packaging Design

Today container and packaging have become the essential factor in the food industry. Brands pack the foods with the motto of being stored and transported. But when it comes to the packing, you need to consider other factors too other than safety and protection. Is the material suitable for food packaging? Most of the business owners think the food business, whether it is frozen or running a cafe, is a profitable job. But in reality, it doesn't as simple as it sounds. You need to use the material that keeps the food fresh and healthy. Which one is best for the frozen item, a glass container, or a Corrugated food boxes? Can you use plastic containers for the oven-fresh pizza? Here is the best five packaging material.

Cardboard and paper food packaging material

Packaging box manufacturers use various materials for food packaging. The material usually depends upon the type of product. But most of the time, the material that is derived from wood preferred by Box Food Company. Because of countless benefits of cardboard material, food delivery boxes suppliers prefer paper material. This material is lightweight and very pocket-friendly. Its benefits do not end here; Custom cardboard lunch boxes are best for printing. The one question that comes in your mind is "is cardboard sensitive to moisture?" indeed, the paper and cardboard are sensitive to moisture, but food boxes manufacturers have a solution to it. Adding corrugated layers is best to keep the eatable item from the moisture. Corrugated food boxes have flutes that create space. These spaces not only prevent it from moisture but also provide the best insulation. For instance, pizza boxes keep the item fresh and hot because of corrugated materials.

The cardboard and paper material is open for customization. You can order cardboard material wedding favor boxes and can add a window or handle to the dessert boxes and much more.


You have seen various food items packed beautifully in plastic food boxes. Bakery owners also use plastic dessert boxes for the presentation of delicious deserts. Plastic is the polymer that manufacturers can mold into any size and shape. The versatility and lightness of plastic material have been known over year in the packaging and processing of food. Plastic packaging and container protect against contamination and offer mechanical strength.

You can find this packing material everywhere. Indeed this material is cheap and customizable, on the other hand, and it is very much challenging to dispose of. After a specific time, plastic leaches chemical into the product that decomposes the food. It is the reason that wholesale food boxes suppliers encourage the customer to order cardboard packaging for the food item.

Food item packed in the plastic container looks delicious because you can see the thing inside it. Window food boxes served the same purpose that a clear container does.


Metal (aluminum, tin, foil)

Sometimes cardboard food packaging is not best for certain items. The primary use of metal containers is the beverages and canned food preservations. Aluminum and tin-coated steel are best for preservation. Metal is opaque material; it offers the advantage for an item that is light sensitive. The metal can consist of steel with tin coating because it offers resistance against corrosion. If you are selling the item that has low pH, then tin cans are best.

For the carbonated drinks, the thin-walled aluminum container is best.  The packaging box manufacturer uses aluminum for canning because of its recycled property and low cost. This lightweight metal is present in laminates, wraps, and bottle closures, and corrosion-resistant property overshadows the steel.


Do you know glass is the inert material? When food comes in touch with this material, glass creates a neutral and excellent oxygen barrier. This material is heavy and fragile and needs a lot of effort for manufacturing. Various companies use glass material for soft drinks, baby food, and wines. For frozen food like chips, French fry cartons are best.

Advantage of this material for food packaging is

  • Recyclable
  • Transparent
  • Pressure-resistant
  • Provide a barrier to gas and moisture
  • sterilizable


The most significant disadvantage connected with this material is fragility. As glass is fragile, transportation is difficult and cost you a heavy amount.

Styrofoam food boxes

Nowadays, most of the restaurant use Styrofoam boxes for food items. For example, for food delivery company uses Styrofoam French fry trays, plates, and containers not only in eatable pieces but also in hot beverages; café owners also prefer this material. If you are looking for the material that keeps the noodles warm and fresh, then go for the Styrofoam. You can find these boxes in any shape and size.

The above mentioned are the 5 most common material for food packaging. But do you know amongst all 5 the best one is cardboard material? Companies also prefer corrugated material for food subscription boxes because of well know the reason. Firstly it can withstand the pressure and weight. Secondly, it keeps moisture away from them.



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