Minimalism in Website Design - How Much Is Too Much?
Minimalism in Website Design - How Much Is Too Much?

It is not like minimalist website design has just come into the limelight. It has been there always for the last couple of years. And minimalist web design is going to trend this year as well. 

What is the power of this minimalism in website design? What are the pillars of minimalism? How much minimal is too minimal in web design? You will find all your answers in this blog about minimalist web design. 

So, What is Minimalist Web Design?

Before going into the details, here are the main principles of minimalist website design. 

  • User-friendly interface

  • Lots of space

  • Not using more than three colors at once

  • Hidden navigation

  • No extra buttons

  • Being creative with fonts

  • Not using excess details like textures, shadows, transitions, etc.

In other words, minimalism in web design depicts removing all the unnecessary elements and simplifying the interface. Doing more with less- you can think of it like this as well. And this minimalist web design is very trending these days. 

Why Is Minimalism In Web Design Trending? What Are Its Benefits? 


Beautiful websites attract visitors, help to increase the website traffic, assist to boost the lead conversion rate. Now, what are the other benefits besides just being attractive?

  • You can easily make the minimalist websites responsive.

  • As you already know minimalism is trending these days, and it is going to stay here for a while.

  • With minimalism web design, you can make your website’s navigation intuitive.

  • Minimalist websites do not distract visitors and users with too many visual elements. It helps them to concentrate on the service or product you offer.

  • Visitors and customers love fast-loading websites. And minimalist websites load pretty fast.

You might think that with fewer visual elements, creating minimalist web design would be easier. However, the thing is a bit different. The web designers need to chalk out how they can convey the intact brand message using fewer elements. It demands creative minds and sheer designing skills. 

Otherwise, any design mistake can result in bad and uncomfortable user experience. And it may ruin the business message and brand if the customers can’t interpret the minimalistic design. 

Best Minimalist Website Design Practices


Here is a list of some smart and trending minimalist web design practices that can bring great results for your business websites. 

Using Negative Space Or Whitespace Rightly


In composition, this is the space between elements. How you are using whitespace, manipulates the user’s visual flow. The more negative space around an element, the more website visitors’ eyes will concentrate on the element. That’s the power of it. 



Negative space adds balance to your website design. So, having a lot of whitespaces is one of the tricks to achieve minimalist web design. 

Use Vivid And Large Images

This is another way to give a touch of elegance to your minimalist web design. You already know hero images and hero headers in website design. These are just parts of making web design minimal and dramatic. 

Here, you need to be a bit careful while choosing the images. The photographs you choose should contain all the visual minimalist characteristics. Otherwise, the minimalist feel will be ruined. 

Be Creative With The Fonts

This is the place where you can show what your creative mind is up to! Go fancy with the typography and fonts. Just keep in mind while choosing the font

  • Visitors should be able to read it easily

  • The font should attract users’ attention




Your website fonts create the hierarchy. It tells your visitors what is important and helps them navigate the pages. So, it plays a major role in creating the vibe and feel your website will give to its users. 

Another point to keep in mind is that the way fonts are displayed on mobile screens will reflect on the overall usability of your product. So, choose accordingly. 

Font size is another crucial factor for minimalist website design. 

Beautiful Contrast And Use Bright Colors

Among the minimalist web designers, the white background is very popular. Why? It is because the white background is just the perfect choice for the canvas to bring out the best contrasts. 




Using bright colors in the minimalist website design can be a bit tricky but it can make your website look gorgeous and attractive. 

Use the bright colors by mixing them up with a more soothing tone. Toning down the complementary hues would be a great idea. 

Sharp transitions, complex animations, etc. do not go well with minimalist web design. So, try avoiding these visual elements. 

Make The Navigation As Simple As Possible

Simple yet sophisticated and attractive- that’s minimalism. So, while designing a website keeping minimalism intact, you have to offer easy navigation. 

The hamburger menu goes well with minimalist web design. But before implementing it, make sure you know your reasons why you are doing it. You have to understand the primary, secondary, and tertiary functions behind the entire website navigation design. 

Make sure your context is clear and you know your users. Accordingly, you can decide if the hamburger menu makes sense for your website or not. Just because everyone else is using it, or it is trending now, don’t use it. You may end up hiding navigation options making an uncomfortable and bad user experience. 

Other than the things mentioned above, make sure

  • Your website is following a visual harmony.

  • You are following the right set of web design psychology principles 

  • Keeping a close eye on small details, etc.

Reach a trusted and professional web design firm to come up with a great user-engaging website and avail the best web design services.

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