Changing Perspectives, Changing Technology- Switch to LED

By Emery

In this changing world, with changing times and perspectives technology has taken over the world. Almost every technological invention and improvement seem to be introduced every week. Changes in our lifestyle or workplace are a result of new and advanced technology. It is an obvious fact that most 'new' technology is designed to make our lives easier. Thus Improved Technology help create a more communicated, thus a better world.

One of the products of this new and improved technology is LED. An electronic device that emits light when current is passed through it is LED. People have a misconception that LED is used only for flashlights and cell phone displays. To their surprise LED lights have advanced as an entirely new category of lighting that is growing at a remarkable rate. These lights are highly efficient, long lasting, and most importantly, they are environment friendly.

Led Grow lights are catching the eye of the customer. A grow light is an artificial light source, i.e. an electric light which is designed to stimulate plant growth. Grow lights make it easy to grow plants indoors. In short, one can create the magic of the sun with indoor grow lights.There are Grow Lights for every type of indoor gardener, from beginner to hobby to professional growers. Grow lights come in a variety of options-

1.    HID Lights- The brightest grow lights are high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. These can be installed anywhere in your home, garage or anywhere indoor to supplement the existing light. They come in two varieties - MH Bulbs and HPS Bulbs. MH Bulbs is a good choice for a light display in a living area while HPS bulbs give lots of bloom to the area and they last slightly longer.

2.    Fluorescent Grow Lights- They are the most economical choice and the most traditional one. Easy to install. Plants with lower light needs, work well under these lights as less light is emitted from ends of these fluorescent lights.

3.    Incandescent Lights- They are good for use with a specific plant or a small grouping of plants only. These lights get extremely hot, so they must be used with care.
4.    LED Grow Lights- The newest and the brightest light option these days is one of the best LED grow lights. They are only a few inches in diameter, thus are easy to mount. In some greenhouses, LED lights may be the only practical light option available. Led grow lights combine the advantages of all the traditional lights. In addition, it maximizes blue and red light to provide an excellent balance for plants.


 Few advantages of Led Lights over other sources are- they consume low voltage and have less current requirements, emit no UV rays, highly reliable and can be easily programmed and controlled. One of the main reasons of growing popularity of LED lights is its potential to save energy and thus enhance our environmental quality.

So with all this new technology save energy, save the environment!

For More Information:- grow lights

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