Why is After School Care So Important for Kids?

While most parents give a lot of importance to where their kid goes to school, sometimes afterschool programs are forgotten about. This is a big mistake, and it is one that people are starting to realize. There is a great shift in attitudes about the importance of a quality afterschool experience for a child. Even though traditional schools have long days, there is still not enough time for kids to get involved in certain activities. In addition, parents are usually not done with their jobs by the time 3PM on a weekday. This is where After school care near Lake Forest can become very helpful. Not only do kids get to spend time in quality programs, but the parents get a chance to finish up their work day before picking up the kids!

The right After school care near Lake Forest is not just about getting your kid more academic experience, or finding a place to look after him or her. It is about giving your kid a well-rounded experience that helps them on an academic, emotional and physical level. The best After school care near Lake Foresthas a number of activities for children, along with stimulating exercises that help them make good decisions and be better human beings. Whether it is through sports, music, dancing or arts and crafts, children can have a lot of fun in these programs.

Here are three of the top benefits of after school programs near Lake Forest:

1. Improvement in Academics.

Statistics show that children who participate in these programs end up being more interested in their studies. They find things that are interesting to them, and they get better at their existing subjects. In addition, these students are more likely to attend school every day, instead of looking for ways to skip classes. Your child is far less likely to show developmental difficulties or drop out of school if they are part of a regular after school program.

2. Social Development

It is not only important for a student to excel at academics, but they should also have a focus on social skills and making good decisions. By interacting with people at afterschool programs, students get a chance to work on their social skills. If they spend time talking to other kids, getting advice from adults, or engaging in fun activities, they are far likelier to improve their behavior at school and in general.

3. Lower Rates of Alcohol/Drug Abuse

Sometimes children get into bad habits because they have nothing to do afterschool. Their parents are still working or busy, while they have no place to spend time. This leads to students gathering with each other or joining groups and gangs that encourage these bad behaviors. Children who spend time at afterschool programs are far less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol, while they also make better decisions in general. Rates for arrests and dropping out of high school are much lower, along with any other behavioral issues. This is why so many parents now know that they need to find the right after school programs near Lake Forest for their kids.

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