Top Machine Learning Applications
Top Machine Learning Applications

Do you know about Machine Learning Applications?

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. Here in this article, we will know about machine learning applications


There are many applications that use different Industries in Machine Learning.



  1. Agriculture


  1. Anatomy


  1. Adaptive websites


  1. Affective computing


  1. Banking


  1. Bioinformatics


  1. Brain-machine interfaces


  1. Cheminformatics


  1. Citizen science


  1. Computer networks


  1. Computer vision


  1. Credit-card fraud detection


  1. Data quality


  1. DNA sequence classification


  1. Economics


  1. Financial market analysis 


  1. General game playing


  1. Handwriting recognition


  1. Information retrieval


  1. Insurance


  1. Internet fraud detection


  1. Linguistics


  1. Machine learning control


  1. Machine perception


  1. Machine translation


  1. Marketing


  1. Medical diagnosis


  1. Natural language processing


  1. Natural language understanding


  1. Online advertising

  2. Optimization


  1. Recommender systems


  1. Robot locomotion


  1. Search engines


  1. Sentiment analysis


  1. Sequence mining


  1. Software engineering


  1. Speech recognition


  1. Structural health monitoring


  1. Syntactic pattern recognition


  1. Telecommunication


  1. Theorem proving


  1. Time series forecasting


  1. User behaviour analytics




I hope this list of applications is very helpful for you.


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