Difficulties in 1st Year Math Gujranwala Board Exam

Difficulties in 1st Year Math Gujranwala Board Exam

Intermediate exams are known to be more advanced than matric. This is reflected in the lengthy syllabus and more complex paper patterns in FSc. A classic example of this is mathematics; while the matric syllabus is relatively simple, the syllabus for intermediate mathematics is much more advanced. For this reason, first year students experience a considerable amount of difficulty when they enter 11th class.


Mathematics exam preparation for the Gujranwala Board first year exams can be tricky. Here are the common difficulties that 11th class students tend to experience:

1.Negative Thoughts

When first year students enter intermediate, they are filled with worry. They are told that the intermediate mathematics syllabus is difficult, and this demotivates them. In order to perform well on the Gujranwala Board exams, the first step is to tell yourself that you can do it. This means getting rid of all negative thoughts.

2.No Exam Preparation Strategy

Another reason for difficulty in the Gujranwala Board mathematics final exams is the lack of an effective exam preparation strategy. While students can get away with relaxed exam preparation in matric, this is not the case in intermediate. Therefore, 11th class students must learn how to develop and implement an effective mathematics exam preparation strategy for the Gujranwala Board exams.

3.Lack of Good Study Materials

11th class students often face difficulty in studying mathematics due to a lack of good study materials. Book notes and study materials available in local bookstores are often unreliable. This prevents students from preparing for the Gujranwala Board mathematics exam effectively. Good quality past five-year 11th class Gujranwala Board mathematics solved past papers, book notes, and other self-study materials are available on

4.Inadequate Past Papers Practice

In order to get the best exam preparation for mathematics, plenty of practice is required. Solved past papers are the best form of exam preparation, because in addition to providing practice questions of the entire syllabus, it also shows students the paper pattern, marks allocation, and more. Thus, a lack of past papers practice leads to difficulties in the Gujranwala Board final mathematics exam. Hence, students should obtain the previous 5 years first year Gujranwala Board solved past papers for the best preparation. 


These are just a few reasons for the difficulties that intermediate students face on the mathematics exam for Gujranwala Board. It is important to overcome these difficulties in order to prepare efficiently and hence perform well on the final exams.

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