Many former university colleges that offer some type of campus housing and many come with restrictions that motivate students to stay on campus. Some students at Pre University College demand that they stay on campus, especially in their first year, while others require that a student stay on campus throughout the year. While many students believe that it is best to choose an alumni university that allows private accommodation off campus, there are many benefits to attending any residential PU colleges in Karnataka.

Here, one of the main benefits of enrolling in residential colleges is:

Students live close to their classes:

For many, the subject may not seem so important at first, but once they join the residential community, they are encouraged to attend classes if one is regular. One does not have to wake up early to get dressed, so go to school and find the right parking space. If students live inside the campus, they can sleep longer, get to the classroom in less time. Students can stay late or skip classes by staying on campus.

Greater Involvement: 

If students live on campus, they will be more involved in the campus community. A student is aware of all the events and activities that take place inside the campus. With notices all around the residence hall, everyone can participate in fun activities.Most residential colleges have a resident assistant who will ensure that you are updated with all the latest events on campus.

Students form new relationships:

In the hostel, student similarly lives with his classmates and some of them share a meal.and some of them share a meal together. It gives them opportunities to make new friends. Perhaps, you have roommates, neighbors who know you more closely. This increases the bond between the two.

You Can Get Help For Homework:

When someone lives in a residential community, they are surrounded by their classmates and this can prove to be an advantage. You can only find someone studying in the same class. Also, if you live within the campus, you can contact teachers for any doubt resolution. This is an impossible task for students who live far away from college campuses.

The residential campus offers many exciting benefits that a non-residential campus bus cannot offer to its students. So, if all these benefits excite you and you are interested in joining the residential community.Before choosing a college, there are a lot of ideas that students can make regarding PU colleges. This may include courses, offerings, infrastructure, faculty, position, etc. One thing that is missing is the choice between a regular classroom course or a residential program. The only reason one can consider it is because they don't have a good college around their area or they have a specific college option.

Even if you have good colleges around your home, thinking about taking a residential course is not a bad idea. There are many risks and benefits you can gain from joining a residential course.

The way you study the same course and the same curriculum is very different with a completely different setup with different results. Here are some of the things you can expect to get into a residential course.

Travel time - this is one of the most obvious. Think about your travel time in the city! At least one hour per day. Now think about how much this will be for the entire school year. You forget to travel from one place to another, which reduces travel costs, travel time and trouble finding good transportation.

Good Infrastructure - Residential complexes generally have very good infrastructure, as it is more feasible to build better complexes with better facilities.

Support for sports and extracurricular activities- Students who stayed in hostels and were good at sports. With the grounds and other amenities you live in, you will engage in a lot of physical activity, which will definitely help your academic performance.

Good weather - Good teachers and the rest, the atmosphere in the residential premises is quiet and the way we feel can affect us in unexpected ways. It is a well-known fact that when you feel good you can perform better.

The following are the top 10 residential colleges in Karnataka:

1.Vikas Pu College

2.St.Aloysius Pu College

3. Mahesh Pu College

4.Deeksha Pu College

5.Expert Pu College

6. Yenepoya Pu College

7. Sharada Pu College

8. Canara Pu College

9. Boscoss Pu College

10.St.Agnes Pu College.


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