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Ask most people, especially Americans about their neighbor to the north and all too often a number of long standing cultural stereotypes come to the surface. The country of Canada is perceived by many as a nation populated by polite, hockey loving, Tim Horton donut eating citizens wh due to our strategic location happen to be one of the United States most valuable and influential trade and military allies.

On July 1, 2014 Canada is set to celebrate its 147th birthday and while Canadians aren't usually known for exurberant public displays of patriotism or flag waving July 1st is the exception to that rule. On our nation's special day citizens from all regions of the country from coast to coast to coast feel to give free reign to their deeply rooted feelings of national pride.Year after year Canada's birthday has turned into an occasion suited to grandiose displays of ferverent  flag waving and vocal expressions of our love for the country known the world over as home of the true, north, strong, and free.

Despite the fact that Canada's entertainment industry can't compete with the likes of Hollywood in regards to production capacity or box office profits our country has nevertheless played a significant role in terms of the evolution of the cinematic medium in North America. One of the film industry's earliest screen stars, for example was an actress named Mary Pickford who was dubbed "America's Sweetheart". Pickford was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1892 and went on not only to enjoy a successful career as a respected and much sought after actress but also the co-founded the United Artists studio. Pickford also went on to serve as one of the original founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Canadian born directors have long enjoyedenormous success in the international market. Some Canuck filmmakers of note include Norman Jewison, Paul Haggis, and James Cameron. Each of these talented and well respected auteurs have had at least one of their films recognized with an  Academy Award. Norman Jewison, for example, received a number of Oscar nominations for his films FIDDLER ON THE ROOF (1971), A SOLDIER'S STORY (1984), and MOONSTRUCK (1987). London, Ontario native Paul Haggis has directed and written a long list of films. His 2004 film CRASH won the Oscar for Best Picture. James Cameron; a filmmaker who cemented his place in cinema history which such blockbuster successes as TITANIC (1997) and AVATAR (2009), was born far from the bright lights of Hollywood in the small Canadian town of Kapuskasing, Ontario.

Canada's French filmmaking industry is an especially robust one. Examples of successful Quebec made films include THE DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE (1986) by director Deny Arcand. This film earned the distinction of being nominated for Best Foreign Language film at the Oscars. Other flicks include BON COP, BAD COP (2006), J'AI TUE MA MERE (2009) by young Cannes favorite Xavier Dolan, and the gripping Oscar nominated film INCENDIES (2010) by director Denis Villeneuve.

So after taking in the fireworks perhaps a good way to celebrate Canada Day would be to sit back and enjoy some of the best films our nation has to offer (and take note there area klot to choose from).

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