Will Instagram hide the number of followers on users’ accounts?
Will Instagram hide the number of followers on users’ accounts?

When it comes to Social media , the social platform Instagram is the most rapidly growing social network. There are over a billion and a half active users per month. The main purpose of the platform was for sharing pictures and videos. However now Instagram is a place full of entertainment, way of communication and a great marketing tool.


On Instagram there are people with big numbers of followers, that have established and loyal audiences and they have the ability to persuade their followers to buy something for example. At this moment influencers are considered to be one of the best methods of advertising. Their power comes mainly from the number of followers they have , the number of likes they receive, and the comments on their posts as well. However the most important thing is the balance between these three. The balance forms engagement percentage. Instagram considers a good engagement percent 10%. For example if someone has 20 000 followers , the average number of likes on their publications should be 2000 likes on each post. If you have 20 000 followers but 10 likes on your posts - that means 0 engagement and the  number of followers are not valued.


Brands and companies and the business sector generally hire influencers whose followers are engaged with their content. It is clear that everyone who wants to have a huge audience, can simply buy real Instagram followers. Many people are trying to increase their followers number by following thousands of people and right after the person follows them, they unfollow him. It is not a fair way of gaining new followers, though , but many people do that.Other people in their desire to grow the audience they are using another method - they leave comments on thousands of publications , in order to be noticed. Most of the comments are pointless - for instance “ follow for follow” and stuff like that.


The number of followers is of big importance to many people , because it is the main source for influencers in order to get paid by brands and companies to promote their products on Instagram. Recently Instagram execute director announced that they are considering hiding the number of followers and the number of likes on peoples’ profiles. Of course there was a huge wave of negative opinions from influencers ,because they are scared that brands will not work with them if the number of followers and likes is invisible. Instagram team came with the position that it is necessary to hide the number of followers and likes in order to remove the pressure of how many followers and likes someone has. However without this information it would be really hard for the business sector to choose the right person to work with.


In fact Instagram already tried to hide the likes on publication in certain locations. For example if you are in Canada or Australia at the moment you will not be able to check the exact number of likes on someone’s publication.When it comes to the count of followers, nothing is tested yet.


Many people , including social media experts think that Instagram would never hide the number of followers because all the commercials would disappear and the business and marketing strategies on Instagram will ruin.  The number of people using the platform will decrease as well for sure. All of these negative aspects lead to the conclusion that Instagram probably will not hide the exact number of followers on the users’ accounts. Almost everyone believes that these new conditions would bring much more losses than benefits.

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