What you should never do is behind the wheel

What you should never do is behind the wheel

What you should never do is behind the wheel

Allowing yourself to be distracted "this time only" may be the time when you lead to a handrail or accidentally hit a pedestrian. Your choices and actions have consequences.

She spent a lot of money and time learning the laws and how to operate the car. Your driver's license is a diploma that demonstrates your understanding of the law and your duty to follow it.

Here are some examples of common behavior that people should not exhibit while driving:

Using a cell phone

Cell phones trained us to get a short attention span and developed a batch that needs to be known now, so we look at our phones every time we hear a notification. According to the 2017 CAA Statistics, drivers are likely to be in a fourfold car accident while on the phone, whether it's hands free or not.

You don't necessarily have to turn off your phone. If you know that you cannot resist the temptation to look at your phone to see who sent you a text message, turn off notification sounds. You can also put the phone on vibrate if you think the ringtone will amaze you - we don't want you to have an accident, after all. If you expect an urgent call, pull to a safe place and handle the call.

Caring for passengers

When you have people and pets in the car with you while driving, this may cause distraction. From conversations to a controversy to disciplining your children, passengers take your attention off the road, which is dangerous. In fact, Manitoba experienced a jump of 12,585 in dispersed driving accidents between 2011 and 2017.

When the conversation begins to heat up, you need to stop it before it gets too far. Emotions, such as anger, cloud your judgment and your driving behavior. Although you may be angry at your sister sitting next to you, this does not mean you vent your frustrations by shouting obscenities at other drivers or driving above the speed limit.

In the same vein, if you are a parent, do not discipline your children or teenagers until they withdraw to deal with it correctly. Sometimes, children begin to behave as a result of cabin fever if you have all traveled for a long time. The clouds will provide an opportunity for everyone to get some air and cool off.

If you are traveling with pets, do not let them roam freely while the vehicle is moving; it is dangerous for them and runs the risk of distracting you and causing an accident. There are animal seat belts, so use them to keep your Froik friends safe.

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