Is Selena done with Justin ?

It would seem that Selena Gomez, who tabloids as of late blamed for having been pregnant, is at last tired of Justin Bieber. Not just have the two quit dating (in the wake of being spotted fraternizing the previous summer), yet another report proposes that she is quarreling with Biebs and thinks of him as in charge of her late negative press, including recovery and pregnancy gossipy tidbits.

On the off chance that Celeb Dirty Laundry is correct (and they once in a while are), Selena has had enough of being connected with Justin Bieber. Also that bodes well, as the tattle site uncovers:

"Justin Bieber has ended up attention poison for anybody he invests time with of late, and that incorporates his poor ex, Selena Gomez. Selena has been in the media a ton recently, and for the wrong reasons. She went to Nepal and did some helpful work, however the media would just concentrate on her longing to make tracks in an opposite direction from Justin."

Obviously, the true news encompassing Selena is that she may have been pregnant with Justin Bieber's lovechild before having an unsuccessful labor. Not just did In Touch assert that she was pregnant, they guarantee that Gomez believed that it would keep her and Bieber together everlastingly, as Travelers Today reports:

"An alternate false story reported by the tabloid recommends that Selena Gomez, who was pregnant at 18 years old, truly needed to keep the child and is extraordinarily persuaded that it was intended to keep her and Bieber together until the end of time. Bieber, then again, allegedly didn't feel the same way. Her beau's group felt that her origination with their tyke would destroy his profession and would obliterate his notoriety for being a heartthrob."

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