What is Commercial Construction?

There are many different types of construction and many different ways that things can be constructed. Whether it is a commercial building like an office building or a car parking garage or a private building like a home, contractors are trained to build so that the building stands the test of time. There are two major types of construction; commercial construction and private construction. Although the process of constructing the actual building, they don't vary much, however the process leading up to the actual building process is much different. Commercial builds are much more centered on money and time.

Attaining the Project

When it comes to private builds, the customer seeks out the contractor. Whereas with a commercial bid, the contractor seeks out the client. With commercial builds, especially a public works build, there is a process of bidding. You enter in the lowest cost that you would be willing to do the project and they choose the best option. But it isn't all on price. When you enter your bid, you also enter in your past jobs and references so they can choose the best builder for your budget.

Surrounding Areas

Obviously, if you live in a relatively quiet area, then you will not have much success when it comes to finding commercial construction work. So it is important if you want to be in the construction business, to live in an area that is growing and thriving. Commercial builders do a lot of apartment buildings and public buildings. So you will want to be sure that you are in an area where that type of building is needed. Along with this, you will want to be sure that the surrounding areas are going to continue to grow so that you always have work that needs to be done. The more work that needs to be done the better you can get paid and the more work you will have.

What Does a Contractor Need?

Typically, commercial and private contractors need a building license. Through a training process, they learn about safe building techniques as well as local, state and federal building codes. Along with that, they need a good crew and money to get started. Typically, banks will give out a loan if the commercial building has a promise of work that needs to be completed. Along with this, the contractor needs a good, hard-working crew that can work with lots of people. This is because the crew will be working with electricians, plumbers, and many other enterprises to complete the project.

Moving Parts

When it comes to commercial construction, there are a lot of moving pieces. Building a commercial building is more than just wood and sheetrock. There is also a lot of plumbing and electric work that has to be done. Typically, a commercial contractor’s job is to get all of these moving parts working together and headed in the same direction. Along with that, there are many different building codes and laws that have to be in place. Therefore, the commercial contracting company typically gathers all these different pieces together to create one successful project.

At the end of the day, contracting work is very similar whether it is commercial or private. However, the processes and laws are somewhat different. The process of putting all the moving parts together can be a big deal. This is why commercial people pay big sums for good, hard-working contractors.

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