Simple approach to improve english

Simple approach to improve english

When it comes to enhancing your vocabulary, there are many ways to learn new words so you can begin to put them into use in your writing and in everyday conversation. No matter what your personality or your reasons for wanting to improve your vocabulary skills, you're sure to find that one or more of these methods will help you become a better wordsmith in no time.

Communication is a process that is very important for today’s generation to survive and each single word plays very important role this. When the time comes for many of the learners who are interested in English, at that time they do not find it easy to select word for sentence formation, whereas, some people even say that it is a challenge for them to remember or recall the words when they are in a conversation. And it is not compulsory for the words that are being selected to be perfect every time. However, most of these people also have complained about creating a word bank for themselves. Thus, it’s important to only learn but to improve vocabulary, but also to use these vocabulary in sentences and to be able to remember them.

The most common suggestions that learners get is to increase their word power for the desired language. And, another most popular idea is to read newspaper, magazines etc.

It is very simple to understand, not everyone in this whole world likes to work out. Some people keep fit by sleeping on time and maintaining a proper diet. Reading doesn’t work for all. So we need another method that works for all.

Vocabulary can be built with a simple approach and that is ‘Knowledge”. Anyone should know the word before using it. With knowledge of word, I do not mean to get a dictionary and look out for its meaning but to understand where to use the word in practical life.


Knowledge of the word includes three things:

  • Know the part of speech of the given word
  • Know the meaning of the word
  • Find out if there are any synonyms of the word


 It is very easy for some people to use adjective instead of nouns. In an English class, everyone was asked to think of a word and create a sentence. Guess what were the words? The words were, ‘angry’ and ‘anger’. Majority of the students chose angry to form the sentence. Why did they choose angry? Not because they didn’t know the meaning of “Anger”. It was because it is an adjective and is easy to use whereas anger is a noun and learners found it difficult to place it in a sentence.


The knowledge of the word. Get to know the part of speech of the word before its meaning. “Knowledge is power.”

Let’s be practical. Use any new word in situations that are realistic.

Just to make sure that you remember all the words, it is important to use the word daily at least five times in five different sentences.

Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary. However, you should select that genre that you have some interest in. selecting books based on popularity and likes of other people may not help much.

Search for synonyms. It is just another way to increase your competency and build a word bank.

Remember, you are gaining knowledge about words and not just simply building your vocabulary. And it comes with experience and time. Be patient and keep observing.

Word association is another great way to improve your vocabulary. One way to do this is to connect a new word with something more familiar.

For example, take an unusual word like "aristate," which means "bearded" (it's a term used to describe bristled leaves and grasses). The word "aristate" sounds like the name of the famous philosopher, Aristotle. If you envision a bearded Aristotle, it will help you remember the meaning of the word in a fun way.


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