What happen to the society today with the kid's assassination?

May 23, 2014


A horrible news have been spread over last few days on Facebook about a Taiwanese university student brought a fruit knife at a convenient store and went to one of the subway stations to kill three to four innocent people while twenty others were harmed. He was immediately captured after he got off the station. During his interview from a reporter, he told everyone that he had never felt any remorse from killing people. My reaction to this was very shocking. What has happened to this society? Don’t tell me a junk phrase, “a demon once an angel”. Yes, but what motivated this young man to kill lots of people? Was he out of his mind or was he mentally illnesses making him frustrated to kill innocent people? What went wrong? Though this criminal had never told his motivation, still, many others had started to discuss about putting death penalty on his which was agreeable. Death punishment in US had been around in history for many years from now such as electric chairs, burning, hanged in chains, and you can name it the list of it (Wikipedia, May 2014). Yet, death punishment in Taiwan was unknown to me. A criminal like him who has never felt remorse for his behaviour, the judge do need to sentence him to death for the sake of those who were killed under the fruit knife.


Aside from this news, other students seem to think he’s a hero to kill people around which this had cause some awful model to others. I think not every school should educate students who are the good models to copy and who are the bad models who should not be copied, but parents should teach their kids the behaviour for good and right.


In future when I have my own children, I will certainly teach them with right education with right sources, something benefits to my children in their knowledge.


In addition, awareness in securities in Taiwan subway was so fragile. Therefore, they should be trained well to have a strong awareness in order to protect passengers in the subway and on the street too.


Just some thoughts ^_^


By: Yan

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