Top 10 Tips To Grow Your WEB DESIGNING TRAINING for 2020

Top 10 Tips To Grow Your WEB DESIGNING TRAINING for 2020

The success of a website depends on the impressive design, fair content, and attractive styles that give a better user experience to open a way to communicate for the product. Optimization of a website is crucial to bring viewers to the website but once viewers come to the site, they should dwell in the pages until they get what they expected. The website should communicate precisely with the users about the things we do, and why we do, and how we do because the viewers are the greatest asset of the website.

Here in this blog, we want to share the most important tips to improve our web page design to get more active visitors. 

Plan Well before designing

The website should be designed to ensure the visitor requirements have met and it should convert the visitors into the buyer or client. It is important to Understand the page preferences, content preferences, and offer preferences of a visitor to be planned before the designing of a website. It helps to get more leads through the sales panel. If the page contains answers for certain frequently asked questions, it should be in order that the customer feels convenient to follow and understand.

Avoid unnecessary add-on

Adding unnecessary elements such as complicated and time taking animations, lengthy contents, and hefty images detract users from the core value of the web page. You should precisely present the content so that the user understands the whole website span in 8 minutes that is the average time of user attention on a page. This precise content may contain powerful partitions, appropriate photos, and concise header and footer. You must ensure that the page does not have any ambiguous terms that make it difficult for the user.

Homepage Impact

The home page talks more than any other pages for the website. Take more effort into designing the homepage that attracts more users and make visitors persist for longer. Including any 5 of the following sections in your home page helps to get active users for the web page:

  • Core Value and purpose of the web page/website.

  • The introductory video with short duration

  • Summary of the services or products

  • Specialties and facilities of products

  • Brief details about the organization

  • Testimonials and Review of the clients

  • Success stories and case studies of the products

  • Extra resources and interlinks to other pages

Important of Call-to-action part

Call-to-action is the essential thing for a website to bring the customer closer and for further communication. It should be visually appealing and mentally approaching with the words we use. Therewith, we must consider the following aspects to add call-to-action on the web page:

  • Always use the first person words 

  • Include strong visuals with the bold, hyperlink, etc

  • Add words with action-oriented

  • Accelerate the sense of urgency

  • Avoid friction words and objectives

  • Give them the way to find the concept easily

Call-to-action is a significant thing to generate more leads through our website. Follow the rules of content styles such as TOFU (Top of the Funnel) which should be understandable by new users, MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) which should concentrate on accessing criteria, and BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) which declares the decision from the given options. This content style attracts the users and converts them as buyers.

Better Crawlability 

Crawlability means the process of navigation from the web pages on our website that guides the user to interact easily. Map the pages with appropriate breadcrumbs because poor and confusing navigation leads the users to eliminate from the pages even if the page has the core value. It should contain streamlined content, impressive design, and navigation hierarchy that bring more leads that gains by more user experience. 

Specialized Optimization for Mobile

Optimizing the website for mobile devices is necessary to reach maximum people as 80% internet users accessing them from their smartphones and other handy devices. Users are expecting a seamless experience to get the required information with few clicks. They expect us to do proper UX that translates the websites from desktop to mobile. It should fit in the mobile screen with the proper design, layout, content length, information architecture, and other functionalities. Users should have a better opinion about the brand. Therewith, high-level optimization required to attract them.

Whitespace for a reason

Whitespace is also known as Negative Space that refers to the empty area around the important elements of a page. It gives more readability to the users and shows the priority of the main content. It helps the developers in the designing process and positions the design elements in an appropriate place. You must ensure that the content is grouped properly to helps the users get the exact information from the website.

Content Updation

Updating the content frequently with new information helps in the optimization of the page to receive more users. It should appeal to the users that the data presented by us in a web page with meaningful and attractive information. It should contain “We”, “Our” instead of “You” “Yours” that the customer wants to read and understand the pinpoints. This may seem insignificant but it entices the customer by the way of seeing the given products. 

SEO Strategy 

The website should be found by the users in their google search. Unless you apply “Search Engine Optimization”, the website will not be shown to the users even though it has the exact solution for their queries and problems. It is imperative to follow the “SEO” Strategy properly with the inbound and outbound links through videos, blogs, articles, and tutorials, etc. it can be posted in the high ranking websites where more users are visiting frequently. SEO is fundamental for the website to generate traffic for high ranking. All these should be focused on the keywords that exactly mean the products of the website.

Testing is mandatory

The website should be validated manually with a deep evaluation of how the user can scroll along the conversion path, clicking effects, navigation pages, and so on. This testing can be done with tools such as A/B Testing, Multi-variant test, and heat maps, etc. It detects outdated information, designing lag, color difference, header mistakes, etc that require small corrections. It helps to design and present the website with the core value that attracts global users. Testing also detects 404 errors that could be the reason for getting a low rank. Therewith, Testing is a significant part to complete the website and deploy with confidence. 


A website attracts the users when all the above parameters met along with the speed optimization. Users should land our complete website within 5 seconds that avoids the increasing bounce rate which results in a low ranking. Learning the proper Web designing course helps you to get the complete hands-on practice before deploying your own website. Get comprehensive training to develop an impressive website and captivate more users.


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