A short course to improve your driving skills


To improve your driving skills after passing your driving test there is a short course called “Pass Plus Course” which has a total duration of six hours,  it is designed for the newly qualified drivers to improve their skills and safety. You can have this course any time after passing the driving license test. It is most beneficial for the first 12 months of the drivers after passing their practical test, because during this time period most of the new drivers got in an accident, so to prevent this they should enrol in this course.

Areas covered by this course

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to know how to drive in the following areas:

  • Driving in the city:-Through this course you will learn how to drive in a city as we know that majority of the drivers will experience urban driving the most, this aspect will help you to polish you observing skills as well as increase your awareness level
  • Driving in different weather:-In this you will be able to learn that how to drive during heavy rain, snow, fog, dazzling sunshine and also this section will cover handling and skidding and it will help out in reducing the stopping distances in bad weather.
  • How to drive in rural or village areas:-This section will help you in the understanding of countryside areas, it includes blind bends, how to overtake a slow vehicle, avoiding a collision from the animal on the road.
  • Drive during the night:-As we know that most of the new drivers don’t have the experience of driving during the night this course will be helpful to them they will learn about judging speeds, distances, adjusting light level in different conditions, when to uses headlights and indicators and how to give pass light.

    If you are looking for a friendly professional highly qualified driving instructor offering affordable quality driving lessons in Northenden, you have come to the perfect place. Whether you are a beginner, a lapsed driver, failed a driving test recently or looking to pass your driving test quickly, Viva driving school can help to make sure that you pass your test successfully.

    Viva driving school is the perfect place for the leaner to get himself well trained. Northenden has the busy palatine road and leads toward the busy Sharston roundabouts, which are regularly part of the training or test routes from sale or Didsbury driving test centre.

    Viva driving school can help you by making sure that you will successfully pass your driving test in Manchester. We have successfully provided driving lessons to students and residents of Northenden and Sharston areas for over a decade. Viva driving school offers intensive driving lessons, weekly driving lessons, refreshers courses, pass plus courses or if you just need to tackle the busy and heavy traffic roads of Manchester then Viva driving school is the best place to get enrolled. We have successfully helped people of all ages, ability, UK and none-UK residents/students from all over the world to pass the UK driving test successfully and easily by providing DVSA approved lessons and guidelines.

    Why choose Viva driving school in Northenden:-

    • Fully qualified and experienced DVSA approved driving instructors.
    • The magnificent first-time pass rate more than doubles the national average pass rate.
    • Intensive driving courses and weekly driving courses in Northenden.
    • Modern dual controlled cars, with lessons 1-to-1 basis, no car sharing.
    • Feeling nervous and anxious about driving, we can help and understand getting behind the wheel can be overwhelming for some people.
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