An Easy Way to Produce Oil

By Oliver

Oil and gas industry is the back of America and the producers of oil have always been worried about the emissions and safety standards of the industry. There has been a lot said and written about the pollution spread through the manufacturing activities of the oil manufacturers and concern for the environment. So, keeping the environment concern is the mind and the need for oil many companies who have engineered their equipment to meet the safety standards.  Normally, manufacturing company’s take the equipment on rent for production purposes, but least are they aware whether the equipment is delivered to the owner back at the right time and place.

Initially, manufacturers had an approach of one size fits all and they used to use one equipment for all the hydraulic fracturing services. But now with the increase in awareness and production testing rentals available, they can use different machines for different purposes. Now a manufacturer can browse the production testing Equipment Company and can find out the best of the companies that provides equipment which not only helps in production and extraction of oil, but also meets the standards set by the government. The benefits of hiring equipments are:

  • The manufacturers get oilfield hauling facility and they can easily test the equipments in the fields and one need not worry about how to transfer the equipments. The company owned movers will deliver the equipment in the right manner at the right place.
  • It reduces the environmental pollution by using separators that will separate hydrocarbons and fluids from oil that will lead to conserve the resources.

At times wells are shut down due to heavy operational cost, but with the introduction of line heaters have revolutionized the oil industry. These line heaters are basically water tanks with pressure coils made of high pressure pipes that circulate water along with the heating process. It helps the manufactures in many ways like:

  • Line heaters have made the separation process easier as it warms up the water and maintain an ideal temperature.
  • Whenever steam passes through the choke the water temperature drops, but it is necessary to maintain the water temperature in the well and line heaters help in maintenance.
  • It is an eco- friendly way of heating crude oil and is done keeping in mind the emission standards of the board.
  • A line heater rental will help the manufacturers to continue the separation process faster and without installing it in their own units. Understandably the heavy operation cost of the equipment is not easy to bear, but paying rentals is much easy and better option than shutting down the well altogether.

To conclude, at the initial stages of oil ad well refinery one can now easily get the equipment and fields on lease to test their equipment. The use of higher standards will not only help the owners to reduce operational cost, but will also help them to produce high quality material and still saving the environment.

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