D-Link router login instructions using the IP address default ip address is used by different router manufacturing companies to set their devices along with the default username and password. For accessing all these routers and their login information, every network user requires this default ip or gateway. Netgear and D-link are the most popular router models using this internet protocol address as the default one. If you are using anyone of these router models, your device will definitely have a default ip or gateway as In order to get into the router login page and configuration settings, additionally you should also have default username and password which are to be entered.

Using for the D-link routers:

With the usage of this default ip address, the network users can do several things including,

  • Download manuals for your d-link router
  • Change your d-link router default information
  • Setup the DNS for your d-link router
  • All d-link routers can be reset to the default values

Finding D-link router ip address – When you need to know the internet protocol address of your d-link router before login, you have to do the following steps.

There are two different ways to know your d-link router ip address.

ü  The users can either follow the guide given by your manufacturer.

ü  Otherwise, you can also see your network router device ip address by going to the command prompt and type ipconfig. It will give completely list of ip configuration information and you have to get an ip address of your router from this list.

Login to your D-link router:

The d-link router has a wonderful web interface for the best configuration.

  • The network users can make use of any internet browser you want to login to your d-link router.
  • Then, you have to enter this d-link default ip address in the address bar. Hit Enter key to get into the login page.
  • In this step, you have to enter the default login values such as default username and password to get into your d-link router device. In most of the cases, many d-link routers have admin as the default username and password as the default password. Then, click on the OK button.
  • Now, you can see the home screen of the d-link router on your computer monitor. It means that you are successfully logged in to your d-link router.
  • You are now ready to do many things with your router’s configurations and settings page.

When your d-link router device default password doesn’t work, you can try some other passwords from the list of d-link routers passwords. Everything is not suitable for your login, you have to remember whether you have already changed your router password or not. If you already changed a password of the d-link router, you can only login using the changed password not the default one. If you forget your changed router password, you can reset the entire d-link router using the ip address to get the default values again. 

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