Why Should I Contact Hotmail Support

Everyone looks for convenient email service and Hotmail service meet all type of requirements of the users. Most of the people prefer Hotmail service due to its user friendly features. Hotmail users sometimes experience login issue, file attachment issue, mail sending or receiving issue. In some cases, people failed to update their account. But Hotmail Support team is always there to rescue them from these problems. Without email service no one can imagine a fruitful working way as pattern of work becomes dependent on email service. In personal sector, people use email service to communicate with the closed ones too. That’s why Hotmail techies never waste time whenever they receive complaints from users’ end. They provide quick assistance to each user.

Solving different login problem instantly-

In these days, numbers of hacking attack have increased more than previous years. Hotmail users usually complain about hacking attack in their Hotmail account. Some users forget the password due to having multiple accounts. Then Hotmail Help team provide instant solution of that problem. They also provide different security tips to secure their account. They also focus on keeping privacy of newly reset password. They emphasize on adding some special characters while creating new password.

Providing password recovery solution for different OS-

 In some cases, Hotmail users face hacking issue in different OS based device. That’s why Hotmail techies provide Hotmail Password Reset process for windows, android and iOS device.

Hotmail password reset steps for windows users-

  • Firstly, users need to visit hotmail site.
  • Then users need are to click on the ‘’can’t access’’ account option.
  • Then users have to click on ‘’I forgot my password’’ option.
  • Next users need to select ‘’reset password’’ option.
  • Then users have to mention the blocked email id and type the captcha.
  • Then users have to click on Next button and they need to click on the option ‘’ I can’t use any of these options and hotmail account will display on the screen.
  • After that, users need to provide the alternative email id and then users need to click on ‘’next’’ option.
  • Then, account info page will appear on the screen and users need to fill the boxes and click on the ‘’submit’’ button finally. And hotmail password reset method will be done.

Hotmail password reset steps for android users-

When Hotmail users find out Hotmail Not Working in their device, then they need to check out browser settings, device settings in their android device. If they can able to access their Hotmail account once again then it’s ok. But if despite of following these tricks they are unable to access their account then they need to follow password recovery steps which are discussed below-

Check out password reset steps in android-

  • At first, Hotmail users need to tap on the Settings icon.
  • Then, users have to tap on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
  • Next, users need to go Common Settings where they need to tap Settings option.
  • After that, users have to go under account settings section and tap on their username.
  • Then, users need to tap password to update their password to match the email server.
  • After that, users need to create new password and then tap OK option. Finally hotmail users will start using of their account in android device once again.

Hotmail password reset steps for iOS users-

  • At first, Hotmail users need to tap on the “Outlook” app icon from Menu.
  • Then, users need to enter their email address.
  • Now users need to tap “Forgot my password” link.
  • From the next page that follows, check the “I Forgot my password” choice box and they need to tap “Next” to proceed. Then, users need to enterthe characters that they get to see on the screen for verification and press “Next” option.
  •  Next, users have got to choose their Recovery choice, either as Email or Text.
  • Enter either their recovery mail or the last four digits of their signalling based upon the kind of recovery choice they have got merely selected, and then they need to tap “Send code” to receive a verification code.
  • Then, users need to enter the received code within the “Enter the code” field and tap “Next” option which will direct to password reset page.
  • From the password reset page, users need to type new within the “New Password” field and enter again “Re enter Password” to verify the code. And they need to press the “Next” button to proceed.

Hotmail Support team is here for 24x7 hours. Hotmail users should not hesitate to ask for any technical help from them. They always provide instant solution in simple language.

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