Essential tips for memorizing words and phrases in Russian
Essential tips for memorizing words and phrases in Russian

Is it your first attempt to learn Russian by yourself? If so, please, read the tips below and decide what your strong points are.

  1. First of all, you need to find a good source for listening to the words you learn. For example, online dictionaries frequently have pronunciation options. It is better to use two ones at a time in order to hear out and compare the details of pronouncing. The students very often listen to the words superficially which makes it harder thereon to understand him/her. The reason is that you talk the way you hear - although you might have not noticed it throughout your life. This is the golden rule of being a good speaker in a foreign language: pronounce words precisely, otherwise you will not understand native speakers because you will be waiting them to say same incorrect things.
  2. In order to learn a new language like Russian, an English speaker has to keep in mind that it is completely different from the English language. When you start learning Spanish or French, they at least look the same, have an alphabet close to your own, and have familiar words. Russian does not have many alike words, but there are some. The alphabet is completely different. So, the tip would be – associate new Russian words with words that sound similar in your native language. Do so, even though the translation and your association do not have anything in common.
  3. Use the new phrase or word in a simple sentence. You will see how much easier the learning will get when you start memorizing by heart entire sentences, the short ones. Individual words are, of course, necessary. However, you will become more fluent in a while after cramming simple sentences because you will memorize extra words, as well. Therefore, when you come across the same words in other sentences, you will already know what they are, it brings joy.

If you are looking for some techniques for studying Russian as a second language, this article will throw some light on this topic.

  • Start with Videos

There are hundreds of videos on the internet that will show you how to pronounce Russian words correctly. All you have to do is choose the topic you like, for example, numbers. Find multiple animated videos for children, first. Then, you may want to watch the tutorials on how to form Russian numbers grammar-wise. After all, you can always turn to online tutors and take a couple of lessons by Skype to check if you are doing everything right.

  • Listen to Separate Russian Words

Many students start learning Russian online on their own. Usually, they begin withmocking the teacher from the video they saw. This is a good choice to start with, of course. However, sometimes you will end up knowing the chain of words as a phrase without understanding how to break this bulk of text into separate segments. The secret of speaking another language is knowing as many words as possible and being able to put them into the context correctly. Of course, if you can memorize whole phrases, it is incredible. But it may not make you flexible in case there is no matching phrase in extraordinary situation. So, download a good electronic dictionary with listening option. Click on the words, listen to their pronunciation, and learn them by heart.

  • Practise the Same Dialogue Over Again

So, this is the best tip of all. Repeat the same monologue or dialogue over and over again until you reach perfect fluency in it. Also, in order to have a chance to say the same things multiple times, find Russian speakers online who are learning English, for example. Next step – have the same conversation with them during video calls. It can be a set of 5 or six phrases they you will say or ask, and they will answer. You cannot imagine how fast the learning will go when you understand they are real people and you need to pull yourself together in a slightly stressful situation.

In a word, use the tips above and make sure you learn the words properly. You might consider an option to learn the Russian language with

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